Freefall 0531 - 0540
Freefall 0531

Business opportunities, don't wait up


See if I ever try to do business with that last company again. Anyone who won't sacrifice a window to toss me out is too cheap for me.

Freefall 0532

Business opportunities, don't wait up


Here's our offer, Mr. Starfall. You should find it most generous.

Generous?! This little son of a bureaucrat is trying to cheat me out of suit and ship.

I think I've finally found someone I can deal with.

Freefall 0533

Business opportunities, don't wait up


You inhuman robber! You call this a counter offer?!

It's a fairer price than yours, you bloodless bean counter!

Perhaps we should meet halfway on this.

I agree.

Freefall 0534

Business opportunities, don't wait up


He doesn't realize it yet, but he's already lost.

I've got his wallet.

Freefall 0535

Business opportunities, don't wait up


There's nothing better than enjoying a meal bought with someone else's money.

That guy was tough to lose, especially after he figured out I had his wallet. But I know we'll meet again soon.

He never told me if I got the job or not.

Freefall 0536

There are better things to wake up to


I'm feeling better now. Maybe all I needed was water and some rest.

Winston was very clear on that point. Because of the amount of blood loss, I should drink water. Lots of water. Lots and lots of water.

This would be a very nice time to be on a ship with a working bathroom.

Freefall 0537

There are better things to wake up to


As long as Sam's owned it, this ship's never had a working bathroom. That's why I picked a hangar as close to one as I could.

But close is a relative term, and half a kilometer seems like a very long way right now.

I'm an engineer. I love high tech. Hard to believe I'm remembering fondly the times our bathroom was a nearby outhouse.

Freefall 0538

There are better things to wake up to


Hi Florence! I have a leash. Want to go walkies?

[!1.2]A LEASH!?[/] Hmm. A leash. Doesn't Sam have an old office chair lying about?

Sometimes Helix comes up with some pretty good ideas.

Freefall 0539

There are better things to wake up to


This is ridiculous, having to go half a kilometer each way to get to a bathroom.

I hope I can find a contractor. With their help, I can get the ship's potable water and recycling systems running.



It's something a plumber could do, but I'll try to get a nuclear qualified structural mechanic. They charge less per hour.

Freefall 0540

There are better things to wake up to


Oooh. A spider.


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