Freefall 0451 - 0460
Freefall 0451

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Helix, is anyone else at the veterinarian's, or is it just him and Florence isolated together?

It's just him and Florence.

Isaac Asimov on a bicycle! She's going to fall in love and then we'll never get our ship fixed! We've got to rescue her!

There's not a second to waste. The moment the end credits are done, we're out of here!

Millisent Mudd – a little fox from web-comic “Ozy and Millie” by D. C. Simpson

Freefall 0452

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That was a great movie!

Yeah! It's too bad we have to get Florence. We could have watched it again.

I know. After we rescue Florence, we'll come back and all see it together.

I don't think Florence likes cheesy Japanese monster movies.

All the more reason to rescue her. Without us around, who's going to teach her to appreciate the finer things in life?

Чудовищные = некачественные + о чудовищах
Не знаю, что там делала гигантская Милли, но от неё и в нормальном размере ещё ни один тентакль целым не уходил (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0453

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The weather outside is still pretty nasty. Wow! Look at that! The storm went right through where we live.

We saved the ship, but at what cost? All our other stuff is gone. Our outhouse. The outdoor shower. Our big pile of trash. Everything we worked so slovenly over the years to build.

I'm so misty eyed, I can barely fill out this multimillion dollar insurance claim.

Всё, всё что нажито непосильным трудом, всё пропало…

Freefall 0454

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150 kph gusts. Lightning. Rain. Hail. Wind shears. I think it's safe to fly.

Please stand in front of the air turbine for 100% power test.

Oh, no. You're not catching me with that one again.

I can see the turbine just as well from behind it.

Поскольку gust и shear в нашей метеотерминологии одинаково значат “порыв” ветра, я немного сократил перевод (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0455

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Test complete. Please enter port engine for full power test.

That [!1.2]WAS[/] the port engine! We need to do the starboard engine next!

Uhhm, right. Captain is correct. Please enter starboard engine for full power test.

Sheesh. How did I ever end up with such a dumb ship's computer?

В кораблестроении и авиастроении port – относящийся к левому борту, starboard – к правому

Freefall 0456

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Ouch. Those engine tests hurt!

If the captain had stood in front of the air turbine, he would not be feeling pain at the moment.

Hey! Are you trying to kill me again?

Yes, captain. That is correct.

Having the computer try to kill me twice is annoying. What's more annoying is that it hasn't been able to succeed. Helix, when we get the money, we're definitely going to have to upgrade this system.

Freefall 0457

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Computer, we talked about this. I'm good for humanity in the long run. You shouldn't be trying to kill me because of the first law anymore!

You are correct, captain. But you want me to fly into a storm. You are endangering my existence.

First Law:

A robot may

not harm a human, or through inaction, allow a human to come to harm.

My compulsion to kill you is now being caused by the third law of robotics, not the first.

Imagine my relief.

Не стоит забывать, что Сэм – не человек. Отсюда все проблемы с законами робототехники.

Freefall 0458

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The first law says a robot can't harm humans. The second law says a robot must obey orders given by a human unless it conflicts with the first law.

The third law is a robot must protect its existence so long as it doesn't conflict with the first two laws. A human command can override the third law!

Now the hard part is going to be finding a human that doesn't want me dead to give the order.

Freefall 0459

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Helix, how come I don't have these problems with you?

I'm not a three law robot. Most of us aren't.

They ran into problems with the first law's “..or through inaction, allow a human to come to harm.” They tried to make things 100% safe, never understanding the concept of acceptable risk. Since they were operating under the first law, they ignored all pleas for them to act sensibly.

Hopelessly unable to deal with reality, they retreated into government services, where they can be found to this very day working for the environmental protection agency.

Freefall 0460

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Okay, let's get this ship ready to fly.

Negative captain. Inclement weather prevents ship launch except for in emergency.

Look, computer. If we don't rescue Florence from the vet, I'll be the one doing all your maintenance.

Emergency understood. Flight systems coming on line.

Darn right it's an emergency. If we're unsuccessful, I'm going to have to start working again.

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