Freefall h0036
Freefall 0361

Canine in the water


A bit of biological adhesive, and the vein is sealing up nicely.

That needs some time to set. We'll spray the wound with benign bacteria to take up any ecological niche where harmful bacteria might grow.

You're not doing too badly. Your nose is cold and wet.

Doctor, that only counts when all of me isn't cold and wet.

Перевод второй панели – совсем неверный. Винстон не использует бактерицид. Он занимает экологическую нишу безвредными бактериями, аналогично биологической борьбе с вредителями. (Tambov)
Переписал (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0362

Canine in the water


That takes care of the leg wound. Now to get your temperature.

Doctor, I'm intelligent. I'm not going to bite the thermometer. Could you please use the type that goes in my mouth?

No, I don't think so.

Now don't look like that. These ear thermometers are faster and more accurate and you know it.

В ветеринарии обычно применяются анальные термометры

Freefall 0363

Canine in the water


Do you feel cold?

Not really. I stopped shivering when I was in the water. Now I just feel kind of numb.

Okay, let's get you out of these wet clothes and wrap you in some nice, warm towels until I can get you into a hot bath.

Her body temperature is 31 degrees. At first I was worried the thermometer was broken. Now I'm worried because it's not.

Freefall 0364

Canine in the water


The bath is ready. I've got the water at 35 ℃.

The bad thing about being a dog is you lose body heat very fast in cold water. The good thing is you should gain it back just as fast.

The other good thing is I have a tail I can tuck between my legs. Otherwise I wouldn't have any modesty left at all.

Freefall 0365

Canine in the water


You need something warm to drink. Hot water okay?

F-fine, thanks.

Biologically speaking, being too cold to shiver ranks right up there with being too tired to sleep.

Freefall 0366

Canine in the water


Now I'm starting to feel bad.

Great! That means you're doing better.

What you've been through is kind of like spending a rough day at the gym. You pushed your body hard and now you feel terrible. It's actually a good thing.

I mean, isn't that how you tell someone is in poor shape? Nothing hurts?

Freefall 0367

Canine in the water


Drink up. You need to get some warm liquids inside you.

But I can't drink properly. Not like a person. I'm not built for it.

Oh, well. I'm sitting naked in his bathtub. It's probably a little bit late to worry about embarrassment.





Freefall 0368

Canine in the water


Your body temperature is back up. You're well on your way to recovery.

I'm going to make some dinner. Do you want any?

No thanks. I'm really not hungry.

Too bad for her. I've been using “The Entomologist's Cookbook”. She's missing out on a fine centipede casserole.

По отзывам пробовавших азиатскую энтомофауну в жареном виде, она похожа на птичье мясо, но пробовать как-то всё равно не тянет… (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0369

Sam the card flounder


If I'm recovering, there's no point in sitting here. First, a quick shower to get the mud out of my hair.

Then I've got to call Sam and Helix. They must be worried about me.

Ha! I win! I've got four kings. You've only got two. What? Four kings beat two kings. Can't you do the math?

Freefall 0370

Sam the card flounder


Yes, I added a few cards to my hand. What's the big deal?


Gambling is illegal. We've already established we're not following the rules here. So how about you guys just let me go.

As soon as I said it, I knew it was the wrong thing to say.

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