Freefall h0030
Freefall 0301

Hurricane Joe is moving in


I'll need your help in the cargo bay.

Oh boy! I get to help rescue people!

It's taken me years to bring Helix around to my way of thinking. Now Florence comes along with her talk about honesty, nobility, self sacrifice.

How am I supposed to keep Helix on the straight and narrow when she keeps appealing to his base instincts like that?

Основные инстинкты робота – 3 закона робототехники Айзека Азимова. В данном случае – Первый

Freefall 0302

Hurricane Joe is moving in


The cargo bay doors will be open. We'll need to tie ourselves off.


[!1.2]Whoop! Flying obstacle! Hang on, guys!

Okay. Now I see why.

One day, Sam will help me make a point without it being painful.

Painful, but not fatal. Too specific mutations are embedded in the doggy. But more about that later (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0303

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Here's the area map. There's a shelter and a medical facility nearby if we can't make it to the spaceport.

Satellite returns show the area is flooded. I hope they're on a building, but we may have to fish them out of the water.

Got it.

This was just a stupid rescue mission in a hurricane. But now that fishing's involved, it may actually become something I can brag about.

Freefall 0304

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Do you see anyone?

No. They probably don't know we're out here waiting for them.

I still can't believe humans would design a starship and not give it a horn!

Sam, if they had known you'd be flying it, I'm sure they would have.

Freefall 0305

We came here to rescue this?


The building computer says three people are inside. I'm going to have to go down there.

Shouldn't I go down?

You're not water proof. And if worst comes to worst, I can swim. You can't.

It's not fair. Organic beings are so much tougher and more mobile than robots.

It's the advantage we get for using designs that have undergone eighty million years of testing.

На самом деле срок тестирования надо отсчитывать с самого начала, т.е. 3,7, а по некоторым данным — 4,1 млрд лет (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0306

We came here to rescue this?


What's that?

This? I added a side handle onto a flashlight so I could hold it in my mouth.

This way it keeps my hands free and the flashlight is always pointed in the direction I'm looking.

So, what do you think?

I think that I've never seen anything so stupid and so practical in all my life.

Freefall 0307

We came here to rescue this?


Phone check. Sam, Helix, can you hear me?

Hello, Flo. I can hear you fine.

Sam! You're using an unsecured phone line! They'll know we're here! Quick, turn on your scrambler!

Hi there! Have you ever thought about changing your long distance company?

[!0.8]Switch to mine!

[!0.8]No, mine!

Too late.

Freefall 0308

We came here to rescue this?



But… But…

Telemarketers are the most rude, annoying, and deceitful people I have ever met!

I kind of have a soft spot for them myself.

It's the only job I ever applied for where they said I was overqualified.

Freefall 0309

We came here to rescue this?


Now it's time for fishing with Flo.

Ha, Ha, Helix.

Though I must admit, I do feel a bit like a worm on a hook here.

I really, really, didn't need to see that.

Freefall 0310

We came here to rescue this?


This shouldn't be hard. It looks like I can get in through that roof access door.

Or a window. Getting in through a window works, too.

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