Freefall 0191 - 0200
Freefall 0191

Lunch and bunnies


Please don't eat the bunny!

But he has a limp!

For a wolf, seeing an animal with a limp increases its desirability as food at least ten times!

Yes, sir! A limp is natures way of advertising “Come eat me!”

Bunny, we've got to get you a better health care plan.

Freefall 0192

Lunch and bunnies


Florence, if you're going to eat the rabbit, why is it still alive?

Because you two are here.

My owner taught me that you don't rip out the throat of a living animal in front of people. It's impolite.

I don't think I've ever heard that rule of etiquette before.

Write to “Ms. Manners”. I'm sure she'll agree completely.

Freefall 0193

Lunch and bunnies



Helix, predation is part of a natural cycle.


If left unchecked, rabbits would outstrip their food supply and starve.


..sigh.. Okay, we'll let the rabbits go.

In battles between logic and emotion, I've never seen logic win yet.

Freefall 0194

Lunch and bunnies


You'll see. Letting the bunnies go is the right thing to do.


We'll get you something to eat soon. I can hear your tummy growling.


And I'm really hoping that growling is just her tummy.


Under the influence of hunger, Florence's protective mechanisms are turned off and instincts are pulled forward.

Freefall 0195

Lunch and bunnies


The bunnies are happy now. They're living free, the way nature intended.

Oh, look. There's a hawk. It's just beginning its dive.


Sniff. Well at least one of the bunnies is living free, the way nature intended.

Oh, look. There's a fox.

По крайней мере около космопорта планета уже неплохо обжита (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0196

Lunch and bunnies


Aieeg! They got eaten! Both bunnies got eaten! A hawk got one and a fox got the other!


I know, Helix. It's sad.

The rabbits are gone and I'm still hungry.

Freefall 0197

Lunch and bunnies


So Florence is hungry. It's not my fault. I'm sure she'll find something to eat when Helix's not around.

Sam, did you know that you walk with a slight limp?

We're going to a restaurant and YOU'RE paying? What did Florence say to you?

Let's just say her concerns about my health suddenly became my concerns about my health.

Тролололо (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0198

Lunch and bunnies


Wow! Look at how much a hungry wolf can devour!

Ouch! Looks like we'll be going to an “All You Can Eat” buffet.

Search program running. Ah, here's one. “The Golden Trough”.

It's brand new. They might not try to shoot us on sight.

Oooh. Good choice.

Freefall 0199

A gratuitous shower scene


We're going out to eat.

Okay, just give me some time to get ready.

It's been days since I've taken care of myself. I probably don't smell right.

There's Sam's old sock pile if you need something disgusting to roll in.

Thank you, Helix, but I think it would be best if I just took a shower.

Freefall 0200

A gratuitous shower scene


Florence, you don't need to clean up just for a buffet.

Sam, I'm the only Bowman's Wolf on this planet.

As such, I'm a representative of my entire species. I need to make a good impression.

Don't you ever consider humans might be judging your species by your actions?

Hmm. That would explain all those referendums to nuke my home planet.

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