Freefall 0181 - 0190
Freefall 0181

These people have got to get their priorities straight


Florence, why are you working on the truck? It's not ours.

I like to return things in the same shape as when I borrowed them.

It's also the best way to borrow items again. People are more willing to lend when they know their items will come back in good condition.


I've always found the best way to borrow items again is to own a good set of lock picks.

Freefall 0182

These people have got to get their priorities straight


An interesting idea, fixing up the items you borrow.

When I borrow something, people are happy to get it back at all. If it's still in one piece, they're ecstatic.

I think I'll stick with my method. It's less work and I get better results.

Freefall 0183

Lunch and bunnies


Hey, Flo! I'm going to make lunch. You want anything?

Sure. I managed to grab some food this morning. It's on the kitchen table.

She has got to be kidding.

Freefall 0184

Lunch and bunnies


Hi, Sam. I brought some grass for the bunnies that Florence caught.

I'm calling them Bun-Bun and Kevin.

I think my names are much better than Florence's. She's calling them Lunch and Dinner.

Второе имя – шутливый намек на комикс Kevin and Kell
Первое – на психопатичного кролика из Sluggy Freelance (по-моему) (Tambov)

Freefall 0185

Lunch and bunnies


Helix, I think Florence caught those rabbits so she can eat them.

No, she's not.

Wolves eat big things, like elk, buffalo and talk show hosts.

Really? I always thought it was the guests on talk shows who got thrown to the wolves.

Freefall 0186

Lunch and bunnies


Aieeg! You're right! The red wolf DOES eat rabbits!

Sam! We've got to save the cute little bunnies!

Well, what are you waiting for?

I'm debating the wisdom of removing the only food on this ship a hungry carnivore can eat besides myself.

Canis rufus (saggitarii) (Tambov)
Я думаю, Cuon alpinus ближе (Robot Spike)
Согласно авторским пояснениям, в качестве базового вида для волков Боумана был выбран Canis rufus, но внешность по ошибке в точности срисована с Cuon alpinus. По-английски и тот и тот зовутся Red wolf. Кстати, так она гораздо симпатичнее. И не забываем, что первоначально стрипы были черно-белыми. (KALDYH)

Freefall 0187

Lunch and bunnies


How could Florence want to eat these guys?

Poor little bunnies who'd never hurt anybody.



She can have that one.


Я уже по своему опыту знаю, насколько мощно кусаются эти тварюки. Намного сильнее кошек (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0188

Lunch and bunnies


Florence is coming.

Hurry, Rabbit. Go! Run away!

No, Not that way! Go the other way! Go to the open door at the front!

Look what I found on the catwalk.

That rabbit obviously has suicidal tendencies.

Freefall 0189

Lunch and bunnies



Wait. Crying isn't very effective without tears, is it? Just a moment.


Helix, you're scaring both the rabbit and me.


Freefall 0190

Lunch and bunnies


Wah! Please don't eat the poor bunny!

Helix, I need to eat.

Would you feel any different if I was a vegetarian and ate celery? Plants want to live, too.

Wah! Please don't eat the poor celery!

I am not making a lot of progress here.




Прикол над веганами (Robot Spike)

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