Freefall 0071 - 0080
Freefall 0071

AIEEE! Radiation!


I think a lot of the fear of radiation dates back to the Hanford Tests during the cold war.

In Washington State they released huge amounts of radioactive iodine in an effort to find Russian nuclear weapon plants. People living nearby got very heavy doses.

But did it work? Did they find any Russian nuclear weapon plants in Washington State?

Not a one. Apparently the whole test was a bust.

Freefall 0072

AIEEE! Radiation!


The legal dose limit for radiation exposure is 5 Rem. During the Hanford Releases of the 1940's and 50's, one estimate shows people receiving thyroid doses up to 2295 Rem.

If you receive a massive dose and get sick, but are told you only received a small dose, what other conclusion could you draw other than small doses are harmful?

Why didn't the government just say how much they actually released?

Historical evidence suggests they were poopheads.

Freefall 0073

AIEEE! Radiation!


So small amounts of radiation aren't particularly harmful.

And you think why there are rumors it IS harmful come from early cold war tests where people got huge radiation exposures, but were told it was a small amount?


I don't know if that's comforting or really scary.

A little of both, I should think.

Freefall 0074

AIEEE! Radiation!


Does this ship have everything we need to fix ours?

Almost. We still won't have all the electronics up and running.

Will I be able to play “Quake Nukem, Doomed Heretic in Castle Wolfenstein 3D” on the ship's computer?

Yes, your game should work fine.

Okay. As long as we have vital functions. The rest we can work out later.

В названии игры перечислены вместе все хиты от старой доброй ID Software: Quake; Duke Nukem; Doom; Heretic; Замок Вольфенштейн 3D (Tambov)

Freefall 0075

AIEEE! Radiation!


I found another motor, Helix. Will you please take it to the truck?

Oh Boy!

I was made for this kind of work. The whole purpose of my existence is to pick up heavy things, move them, then put them down.

Life must be a lot simpler when you're a robot.

Helix is an average warehouse robot loader.

Freefall 0076

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Florence told me to start removing pipes from the bottom and work my way up.

That's stupid. If we cut the top supports, we can get all the pipes out in one shot.

Do you think this is why Florence wanted them removed one at a time?

I'm thinking it might be.

Freefall 0077

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Everything seems to be all right.

You're lucky I'm around, Helix. You may have gotten hurt working by yourself.

You're right, Sam. Without you, I never would have noticed this open ventilation shaft.

Freefall 0078

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Sam, are you okay?

Yeah. Go get help.

I didn't hear any thud. Maybe the shaft is real deep and he's still falling.

I'll ask again after I'm sure he's hit bottom.

Freefall 0079

Fun with an open ventilation shaft



What's that, Helix? Sam has fallen down the old ventilation shaft?

[!2.0]ARF! ARF!

Things go so much faster when you speak the lingo.

Отсылка к сериалу Лесси

Freefall 0080

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Sam! Are you hurt?

No, but I hear hissing. I hope it's a snake.

A snake? Sam hates snakes!

Believe me, Helix. When you wear an environment suit and you hear hissing, you hope it's a snake.

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