Freefall 3261 - 3270

Freefall 3261


Today, I want to give credit to the people who helped with the upcoming story. First and foremost is Devin Ward (Known as 1071-NCC on the forum) who came up with the idea of doing a “Guess who's coming to dinner” story with Winston and Florence. RockDoctor, who quickly enlightened me on the impracticality of using an asteroid as a base station and that solid beams would last longer than cables in a bola design. Frank Harr with ship design and a lot of other bits, and Peruraptor who pointed out that I had my power wrong. I mean, really wrong. Rather than bore anyone here, there's a link below the comic I can bore you with. The good thing about making mistakes is others can learn from them, after they finish laughing and pointing at you. And again, to Winchell Chung of the Atomic Rocket's Home Page, where you can find just about everything for making the physics of space travel work.

There once was a captain named Sam,
who loved living life on the lam.
He expanded his crew past the old score of two,
so his space-ship wouldn't go BLAM!
By Devin Ward

Am I too late to steal the credit?

Are you taking credit for the mistakes as well?

You're right. A good captain shouldn't take all the credit. You can have that part.

Ошибка с мощностью


All systems look good.

Great. Ship, move us to the launch rail.

Negative. Only the captain can authorize launch.

[!1.2]I'm the captain!

Negative. The captain is the highest ranking human on board.

We may need to renegotiate our contract.

Oh, come on, ship. You can't just hand someone a mutiny! They've got to earn it!


Are you going to order the ship to launch?

And trigger the mutiny clause in our contract? I don't think so.

Oh. You remember that bit.

That comes out. Along with the hoarding clause.

It's written so vaguely that it could include the oxygen in my blood.

A ship has limited resources and you're using hemoglobin to take advantage of the situation.


While this is fun, if we miss our launch rail appointment, we'll miss the skyhook and be out of position for our reaction mass pick ups.

So we don't lose our investment, can we agree to have Niomi launch the ship in a non-mutinous kind of way and we'll work out the details later?

For the love of money, I'm willing to compromise.

Agreed. For the love of money!

Sometimes it is surprisingly easy to find a common ground.


Sam, let the ship follow the directions from ground control.

I know a shortcut.

Sam, I will bite you if you touch the controls.

Ancient command structures. They're still in place because they still work.


Look at how many people are watching me leave the planet!

Give people what they want and they will come.

I can't waste this many eyes on me. I'm making a call.

Guys, time to buy Fungus yummies! Now in deathcap, black mold, and destroying angel flavors!

I am not associated with him!

Cockpit live feed

[!0.8]Fungus yummies


Our launch has been approved. Stand by for acceleration.

[!0.8]Winning ticket: 878

Wuff! Nothing like three gravities to make me wish I had stuck to my diet.


Third successful launch! Gravity, once again electromagnetism and nuclear power have kicked your butt!

Sam, please stop antagonizing the fundamental forces of nature.

Фундаментальные силы природы


We're about to link with the skyhook. Please stay in your seats.

This could be where a skilled pilot such as myself is needed.

Or it could be where I sit heroically not touching anything, my ability to resist taking action quietly serving as an inspiration for my crew.


Your extra tanks have been attached. Reaction mass has been topped off. Safe journeys, 1071-CCN.

Thank you control.

Our exhaust corridor is clear. Initiating thrust. Thrust will increase until we reach our target acceleration of one half meter per second squared. We can now move about the ship.

One final word. Be careful. One twentieth of a gravity sounds safe, but that's where people are best at finding new and inventive ways to hurt themselves.

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