Freefall 2751 - 2760

Freefall 2751


Is it clear?

No little dog in sight. Your ankles are safe.

Are we going to steal stuff now?

Helix, I'm surprised at you. Florence likes this guy.

We can't just steal stuff. We've got to show our respect by giving Winston the best looting possible!

I guess a substandard burglary would be inconsiderate.


This is a friendly theft. We need to steal something that is both valuable and that Winston doesn't care about. For humans, it would be like punching them in the arm and saying, “You're all right.”

At home, it's easy. Here, people make copies. With so many robots making so much stuff, people are unbelievably rich and at the same time, have hardly any valuables.

Post scarcity makes it so that most thieves would give up and live a life of luxury. We shall not! We shall set an example and inspire future generations!

I'm so proud to have you as a mentor.


Here's what we do. We give Winston something to take back later.

So what do you give an alien with godlike powers?

Humans don't have godlike powers.

They send ships between planets. They divert rivers. They move mountains. They take dirt and stone and turn it into mechanical servants that do their bidding. What part of this does not say “Godlike powers” to you?


You can do these things. You and Florence prevented Mr. Kornada from destroying the robots. If you wanted a mountain moved, you could have it done.

Hmm. That's right. You guys owe me. Moving a mountain? Too small. Far, far too small.

Helix, let's go see how Winston and Florence are doing. Then it is time to become a legend.

Немного не пойму, как перевести конец первой фразы Сэма (на втором кадре)… Поправьте меня (Lonely Wolf)
В свете фразы из третьей картинки, я думаю, что Сэм говорит, что двигать горы – слишком мелко для него, и поэтому он сделает что-то другое, что-то большее, что сделает его легендой. (Гость)


It's nice to see that with everything that's going on, people can still put down their troubles for a while and enjoy a game of fetch.

You're thinking of stealing the ball, aren't you?

If they want it, I want it.


My suit has been breached! Ow! Bitey! I need those tentacles! I don't want to lose face to a small dog!

Hey! Stay away from those internal organs! This is no place to deliver! Can't lose heart. Must resort to emergency procedures!

Ha! The old “lure them down the left leg and eject the trousers” bit gets them every time!

Sam! Cover yourself! No one wants to lose their sanity because you can't keep your pants on!


It's… it's not possible for something to move like that.

Don't let the chromatophores fool you. I exist in only three dimensions and I have a certificate saying so.

However, with my suit open, your low oxygen atmosphere will soon knock me out. Unless someone gets the killer dog into the house, one of you is going to have to wrangle my pants onto my unconscious body.

Wow! I knew Florence could move fast, but wow!

That's why I'm a great captain, Helix. I know how to motivate people.

В 1238 упоминается, что Сэма исследовали ученые, вероятно, акт обследования Сэм потом и спёр (надо же отомстить за попытку кражи кошелька), и на него ссылается. (plBots)
Хроматофоры – пигментсодержащие и светоотражающие клетки, присутствующие у земноводных, рыб, рептилий, ракообразных и головоногих. Управляя окраской тела, могут создать иллюзию движения.


Beekay is in his room. You may have bruised Winston's sanity.

It was an emergency. If Beekay had gotten a good taste of me, he'd never stop until he got the rest. Besides, I was wearing underwear.


Mine were in the laundry. You're always talking about redundancy in ship systems. Aren't you glad that I was paying attention?


Sam, I do not want you wearing my underwear! Ever!

No problem. Helix, toss me a set of Winston's.

There you go.

I'm going to burn these. Still, after spending a week on an asteroid after the life support went out, I'm actually kind of jealous of someone who can change their underwear without taking off their environment suit.

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