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Freefall 2701 - 2710

Freefall 2701

How's the flavor?
That coffee's hot, and moderately poisonous to canines.
I'm not drinking it. I'm using it to scald the taste off my tongue.
The purpose of coffee is to wake you up.
After drinking Dvorak's coffee substitute, I am very awake.
So… success?
How can something be so right and so wrong at the same time?
I'm not ready for puffed locust yet. Do you mind if I try the kibble?
Do you know what the kibble is made out of?
If insects are the main source of protein around here, kibble is made out of…
…the unwanted parts of the bug?
It's your choice, but I'd go with the puffed locust.
Weather around here must be pretty fierce.
The decorative blast doors gave it away, didn't it?
Today's a nice day, though.
It is at that.
Humans gave me the gift of speech. Still, there are times when one needs to stop talking and enjoy the moment.
Z Z Z Z Z Snerk?
Good morning, Mr. Raibert. You fell asleep at the police station.
I made you oatmeal. Considering how many stimulants you've taken, this should help settle your stomach.
Thanks, Chief.
The chief isn't awake yet. This is Eleanor speaking.
You are the walking embodiment of a turing test.

Тест Тьюринга – слепая проверка, является ли собеседник человеком или машиной, проводимая в отношении программ и роботов, претендентов на звание полноценного Искусственного Интеллекта. На современном этапе тест иногда проходят только узкоспециализированные чат-боты
Из этого стрипа также ясно, что шеф не может говорить сам. Во втором кадре, дабы скрыть условно женский род Элеанор, пришлось поменять формулировки на бесполые (Robot Spike) Он же в прошлых стрипах голосом позвал ее из кровати, пока она по телефону общалась. Скорее она в таких ситуациях просто имитирует его голос.

Is the chief in there?
Yes. He sleeps in on Sunday. Do you wish me to wake him?
No, I need to get going. I shouldn't have slept as long as I did.
You slept three hours.
Can't be helped, I have a lot to do.
Why is it that humans, when given a choice, will so often live a lifestyle that is harmful to humans?
Hello, Mr. Ishiguro.
Mr. Raibert. Good morning. My shuttle will be landing in two hours.
What is the situation with our robots down there? Is it safe? Is it stable? Is everything under our control?
Things are safe and stable. However, if we push for “under our control”, we may lose those first two conditions.
Why is there even a problem? The robots are our property. Have the mayor remind the people of this.
The mayor does not agree with your position, Mr. Ishiguro.
Remind her who financed her last campaign.
She ran unopposed. There was no campaign.
We do not have the mayor in our debt? How are we supposed to run this place?
I believe the idea of an independent civilian government was so that we couldn't run the place, Sir.
Have your briefing ready. We'll talk after I land.
This is not the first planet Ecosystems Unlimited has terraformed. We have a plan. As long as everyone does their part, we'll get through this and we'll all have a great new planet to live on.
So don't worry. Everything will calm down once I'm there to explain to the people that we know how to run their lives better than they do.
Mr. Ishiguro isn't going to like this because I think the robots should have a chance to be citizens. Max Post isn't going to like this because it doesn't emancipate the robots immediately.
The mayor isn't going to like this because, well, she really doesn't like anything I do.
Do your job and everyone hates you. Do your job right and everyone hates you equally.
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