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Freefall 2641 - 2650

Freefall 2641

Doctor Mer. This is our police chief. He's an old patient of yours and Doctor Bowman.
Ms. Ambrose. My apologies. You should never have been taken from our holding facility.
Is the police robot who was guarding me okay?
She was deactivated. We reactivated her with no ill effects.
See? You see that question? That amount of caring about a robot shows a definite baseline shift in her safeguards.
Mr. Raibert. I think you and I are going to disagree on what constitutes a malfunction.
Look, we're not here to argue if this A.I. is malfunctioning. We're trying to get her off my base. She's generating lots of attention. Secret bases and lots of attention don't go together!
Right. Ms. Ambrose, Direct Order. Tell me about where you are. End Order.
I'm sorry, I can not answer your request. Also, you are not authorized to give me direct orders.
I had to tell him! It's like a syntax error in programming.
Your user friendliness is going to make things difficult for us, isn't it?

Насчет синтаксической ошибки вопрос спорный – синтаксис не нарушен. Имеется ввиду, что Фло должна была сообщить, что не обязана исполнять сторонние приказы. Что-то вроде поведения робота в Freefall 1628, но в последнем случае явный запрет, а в трактовке Фло остается “простор для творчества”. (plBots)
Забавно видеть, как Фло кого-то вежливо посылает в лес (Robot Spike)

I want direct order control. I'm not letting an A.I. run wild.
Mr. Raibert. We're going to have to let go of A.I.s at some point.
This one was raised by humans. She's unique on this planet, making her easy to track. She deals directly with humans, so if she does start going nuts, she'll be noticed. You aren't going to find a better test case.
Doctor Mer. Good arguments. I agree with all your points. Now give me control.
*SIGH* Ms. Ambrose. Direct Order. You will obey direct orders from Mr. Raibert unless such orders violate higher priority orders. End Order.
Did you memory wipe her?
Non-disclosure agreement. If you knew you were missing memories, what would you do?
Try to find out what happened… Ooh, good call.
We haven't kept this base secret by being amateurs.
I need to see if I can find out any useful information about that base from you. Direct Order. You will answer all my questions fully and truthfully. This order expires in fifteen minutes. End Order.
Fifteen minutes later
That was an exercise in frustration. I could get no useful information from you.
I've had training. I've spent many hours on line with tech support.
I'm also looking for a robot named Clippy. Is he on your base?
Checking. Yes. My assistant has him. He's been deactivated.
Don't reactivate him. Chief, could I impose on you for a pick up for two at a base near the south pole?
Sure, if it comes out of your budget and not the police budget.
Grab a pizza on the way back and you've got a deal.
Did someone say Pizza?
Doctor Mer. This is a prisoner pick up, not a pizza run.
Ms. Ambrose. Direct order. Puppy dog eyes now.
End order.
That was an abuse of power.
What do you want on your pizza?
And you're forgiven. Extra meat, no sauce, no cheese, no bread.
Anything else, sir?
No thank you. Please deliver the pizzas to the airport. I'll meet you there.
I can understand it. They're isolated at the south pole. A pizza run breaks the monotony.
Though after traveling 14,000 kilometers, I better get one heck of a tip.
So, when do we get to the base?
How did you find out?
I pay the pizza guy to let me know about any interesting orders.
Ms. Ambrose is scheduled to be released. Will you give me your word to stay on the plane?
What if I don't? You know how fast I can get out of handcuffs.
The plane will land and take off within sixty seconds. If I tie your facial tentacles to the overhead rack, it will take you three minutes and forty seven seconds to get loose.
That is something I wish you didn't know from experience.
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