Freefall 2211 - 2220

Freefall 2211

A secret meeting and Sawtooth's birthday


There are humans who want to help. The mayor's assistant. The Chief of Police. Max Post. I'm sure you'll find others as you go along.

I can't stop this program, only delay it. I'm hoping I can buy you at least a few days.

You'll need to use the time well.

Check that the “Gardener in the Dark” program is truly disabled. Babylon Five movie marathon. Save the world. Got it.

A secret meeting and Sawtooth's birthday


Is there no proper way to address this problem?

I've tried twice at Ecosystems Unlimited and once at the mayor's office. We're out of time.

Humans will not look kindly on an artificial intelligence that knowingly breaks the law.

I know, but I can't just stand by and let you guys be destroyed.

I guess some people become criminals because they're bad and some people become criminals because they've run out of legal options.

A secret meeting and Sawtooth's birthday


Knowing the situation, if I were to return motor control to you, would you try to stop me?

I can not let a crime go unreported. Sorry.

I kind of figured that. Well, goodbye guys. Wish me luck.

How is it that she can contemplate performing an illegal act and we can't?

Perhaps we should get Sam to mentor us as well?

Edge and immunity


Sabotaging a program to save the robots. I really hope I'm doing the right thing here.

And now to present the argument for going to bed and pulling the covers over my head, here's Edge.

Hey, stupid! Why aren't you done yet? You think I like wearing an aluminum hat?

Edge and immunity


I have a solution. It will be pushed through tonight by a modification I'm making to the dream machine code.

No way! I'm not trusting a connected dream machine ever again!

I can manually upgrade your communication software to protect you.

Good. You do that.

A brilliant mind like mine and I have to depend on a dumb dog for brain surgery.

A brilliant mind would not be insulting the dog before surgery.

Edge and immunity


You're not messing with my mind, are you?

No. I'm only modifying your communication modules, and only so far as to block the transmission of the neural pruning program.

So I'm immune now. You're done.

Hardly. I still need to get this program out to the other robots.

Why? You've immunized the only one that counts.

Though I will admit the temptation to do more invasive brain modification was very strong.

Edge and immunity


If Edge wasn't a jerk trying to save himself, he never would have brought me the notes that alerted me to “Gardener in the Dark”.

Then there were the problems at Ecosystems Unlimited. My captain is a thief, scoundrel, and all around troublemaker. But if it weren't for Sam, I wouldn't be here.

All my life I've been taught the values of being a good citizen. No one ever told me that when the chips are down, civilization needs the rotten ones.

Edge and immunity


Hi. I've been going over all the ways I know of on how to get inside the Ecosystems Unlimited compound.

Myself, I prefer the sewer route. Some of the pipes are narrow down to ten centimeters, but that shouldn't be a problem if we remove a few of your bones before the infiltration.

I would prefer a route that lets me keep my bones inside my body.

See? It's that unhealthy attachment to your own skeletons that keeps mammals from becoming truly great burglars.

Edge and immunity


There is an easy way. The side guard shack normally isn't manned.

We go in, pick the lock on the keycard return box, steal a couple of access cards and we're good to go.

Why didn't you suggest this path in the first place?

Because this break in is going to be talked about for years! We can't do something so simple. There's no poetry in it.

'in the first place' – 'сначала' – явное указание на очерёдность, причём на первое место.
'это не поэтично' – из-за явности указания здесь, а так же из-за того что я постоянно за это цепляюсь глазами заменяю на – 'в этом нет поэзии')) (Durable)

Edge and immunity


We can do simple. The E.U. compound is not our main target. They're isolated from Commnet, remember?

Then what's our main target?

The secondary servers for Commnet. We'll make our software modifications there.

Then we cut the power to the primary servers, the secondaries take over and our modifications go live.

While we're there, can you fix my police record? There are several really good thefts that they haven't given me credit for.

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