Freefall 2081 - 2090

Freefall 2081

Off to see Mr. Raibert


There's a lot of good memories in this dress. It's a shame that I have to wash it.

Still, plenty of material here. I can take a small strip from the bottom and wash the rest.

I really need to find a better way to save memories. A way that doesn't involve all my dresses becoming minis and all my pants becoming shorts.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


I really hope this all gets sorted out soon.

Tabula Rasa [!0.7]Shampoo for dogs

This is another day I should be working for Sam, not running about solving robot problems.

I don't think Sam minds me doing these things, but he'd be upset if he found out I'm doing it for free.

Tabula rasa (лат.) – чистая доска, чистый лист.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


Ship, any word from Sam?

There has been no response from the captain.

Come on, Sam. I don't want to go to Ecosystems Unlimited without you.

I wonder if Mr. Raibert would agree to meet someplace where I feel safer, like on top of a nuclear reactor.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


Nine fifteen. I can't wait any longer.

Ship, please tell Sam that I've gone to Ecosystems unlimited. The office building downtown, not the compound.


Permission to maim the captain afterwards?

No, no, no! No maiming! How many times do I have to set that in your preferences?

Тут будет, имхо, будет уместнее “в настройках”, а не “в предпочтениях” (Scarr-Rrit)
Да, так лучше. (asd)

Off to see Mr. Raibert


The ship knows where I'm going. Sam will know. Winston was with me when I made the appointment, so he knows.

Winston looked tired. He might not have made it home safely. After the meeting, I'll give him a call. If I don't, I may be failing to assist a human in need. Direct orders can over ride that, but they have to be very, very carefully worded.

Build in safeguards. With a bit of thought, they can work for you instead of against you.

Tugrik Taxi

Tugrik – один из спонсоров комикса.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


[!1.3]Ecosystems Unlimited

[!1.2]Shoes and shirt required. No artificial intelligences beyond this point. No dogs allowed

Double negative. That means I'm good to go.

А вот и “дыра” в защите ИИ (Robot Spike)

Off to see Mr. Raibert


Ten o'clock appointment with Mr. Raibert confirmed. There's a waiting room down the hall past the stairwell.

Thank you.

Coffee. Theobromine. I should be okay with an eighth of a cup.

After finally meeting someone who can help, the last thing I need to do is fall asleep and drool on his shoes.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


You built a desalinization facility?

We built five. Freshwater river. It was too salty. We fixed it.

No one told you to build desalinization facilities.

The problem needed to be solved. We solved it. Are you unhappy?

Yes. The weather will change when the new moon goes into place. Those facilities are going to be under water.

Ah. I understand. You need us to modify the facilities so they work under water. We'll get right on it.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


We need to get some robots to our planning meetings. They were built for specific tasks. It's not their fault that no one is showing them the big picture.

Mr. Raibert. I am here for the ten o'clock appointment.

Didn't my secretary tell you to wait?

I really don't know. I tend to ignore things that I don't want to hear.

Off to see Mr. Raibert


Hello? You can come in now.

Okay, I confirmed a ten o'clock appointment with a talking dog and I'm almost seventy percent sure she wasn't imaginary.

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