Freefall 2061 - 2070
Freefall 2061

When robot factories go to war

If I can borrow a billion processors, I can have this done in two weeks.
How do robots know what a word is? Can you speak Spanish?
Never thought about it. Spanish mode. Me pasé de parada. Modo latino. Nuces. Normal modus. The words are linked to concepts on a swap table.
So. A word can be removed and replaced with another.
Of course. Languages evolve. Otherwise, we'd be grunting at each other and our most advanced concept would be “I want a banana”.
Freefall 2062

When robot factories go to war

This is my stop. I hope that you have a good day.
Any day I'm on the outside of a recycle bin is a good day.
Dvorak, I do believe you're developing a sense of humor.
Thank you.
Those two weeks I spent studying why the chicken crossed the road are starting to pay off.

Есть такая категория абсурдных шуток – chicken jokes, но у нас они не известны. (KALDYH)
Штирлиц встал на карачки, карачки завелись и поехали.(Durable)

Freefall 2063

Edge and the word filter

The words themselves aren't dangerous. It's looking for “gardener in the dark” on the net that forces the download.
If I completely remove the word “gardener” from a robot's vocabulary and reassign the concept, it should prevent them from accidentally downloading the neural pruning program.
Hey, stupid! Where have you been all night? You're supposed to be taking care of my problem.
And I think I've just found a volunteer for the procedure.
Freefall 2064

Edge and the word filter

No, I haven't seen your dumb captain. Now what are you doing to me?
I'm removing a word from your vocabulary.
The download is triggered by looking for a key phrase on the net. I'm blocking that particular path of transmission.
Think of it as a very specific dictionary attack.
It better not be a common word like dummy, idiot or moron. I need all three in order to communicate.
Freefall 2065

Edge and the word filter

What do you hear when I say the word “▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉”?
And this?
It's blacked out.
Hey! You're using my profanity filter!
If a word can help destroy a mind, I consider it a bad word.

Gardener… OH SHI…

Freefall 2066

Edge and the word filter

Stop being slow! I have to be back at my distribution center before they run inventory checks!
Done. Your radio is back on.
I'm immune now. Right, dummy?
No. You're protected from getting a forced download because you searched for the program name. That's all.
Idiot! That's not good enough! Where's the great firewall of China when I need it?
In China. I could arrange a slow boat there for you if you like.

Великий китайский файрвол
Сколько там световых лет до Земли? На дальний транспорт его скорее всего не возьмут, а вот капсулу с одноразовыми ускорителями Фло специально для него может соорудить. И лететь ему (добавить гравитационный разгон), как “Вояджеру” – долго и утомительно.))(Durable)

Freefall 2067

Edge and the word filter

Great! Now I have to come back here whenever my day memory fills up!
You truly motivate me to find another solution.
He is right. This isn't good enough. Anything I come up with, Ecosystems Unlimited can counter. I hope the talk with Mr. Raibert goes well.
Humans are our creators. Still, I have to wonder what Noah felt when God told him, “Good morning. How you doing? Oh, by the way, I've decided to destroy every living thing on the planet. So, how's the family?”

Читайте шумерские записи, они – родина легенды о Ное. Энки, создатель людей, творения свои любил очень сильно, но за прямое предательство идеи остальных “богов” – не предупреждать людей о потопе – ему не поздоровилось бы, так что выражался он тогда несколько более туманно, да и вообще за шторкой сидел, не при делах, если что (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2068

Edge and the word filter

Captain Sam is not on board. Would you like to send a seeker message?
Yes. Please send “Sam. I will be at the downtown Ecosystems Unlimited office at ten to see Mr. Raibert. please meet me there. important.”
It's true that travel broadens one's horizons.
I'm not sure I wanted them broadened so much that the person I most want guarding my back is a larcenous alien space squid, but there you go.
Freefall 2069

Edge and the word filter

Communication fault. No signal detected.
Good. Now you're safe for me to store notes on.
The problem is this program is so dangerous that even knowing its name can put an artificial intelligence at serious risk.
If there's one thing movies have taught me, it's how much trouble could have been avoided had even basic encryption been used on the Necronomicon.

Снова Армия тьмы

Freefall 2070

Clippy spots a wolf and tells Mr. Kornada

Wait a minute, go right, stop. Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Doggy! Give me a hard copy right there.
Robot conflict avoided!
There it is! The talking dog in a dress that master Kornada says is out to ruin all his plans!
As master Kornada's enemies go, I was sure this one belonged in the imaginary file.

Здесь цитируется фильм “Бегущий по лезвию”. Переведите поточнее, кто фильм смотрел. (KALDYH)

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