Freefall 1851 - 1860

Freefall 1851

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Out of my way, tin whiskers. Get some lead in your head!

Once heard a human say “He who saves one life, saves the world.” Not sure if that counts when you're saving your own.

Hope not. If I'm the only intelligent robot left on the planet, it's going to be a whole lot easier finding a parking space.

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


I've been running for 512 seconds! I should have moved by now!

Arrgh! Stupid, stupid, stupid! My radio's off, so no G.P.S. updates!

Great! Now how am I supposed to get to where I'm going when there's no way to figure out where I am?

Ron Searle Building



Ronald Searle

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Now how did robots get around before G.P.S.? Of course! They had humans move them! It's so simple an Asimo could do it!

Taxi human, take me to Florence!

Little Florence?

Yeah, sure, whatever.

On my way. No doubt about it. I'm a genius!

Little Florence

Best Italian Food on the Planet!

Resupplying satellites


[!1.7]ICE CREAM!

Florence derailed our mob.

That's it! From now on, we only get chased by the lactose intolerant.

Resupplying satellites



Helix mentioned ice cream was served at the end of a chase. Seemed like a logical step that ice cream would signal the chase was done.

Then how..

I set up a software agent to alert me if “chasing Sam” showed up on more than five twitter feeds in a half hour period.

I will have to talk to them about that. It's not written down anywhere, but texting while in a mob is distracted rampaging and that can lead to an accident.

Resupplying satellites


Preflight checks and our flight plan. Review and sign, please.


You didn't review any of it.

I don't know what any of this is. Would you prefer for me to pretend I know what I'm doing or to be honest?

Honest, even if it's not what I want to hear.

Engineers and politicians are such opposites I'm surprised they don't burst into gamma rays when they touch.

Намёк на аннигиляцию частиц и античастиц.

Resupplying satellites


Not so fast, Mr. Starfall. You are under arrest.

Charge level low.

Charge level low. Proceed to recharge station immediately.

Can we reschedule?

Well, normally I wouldn't do this, but you have an honest face. How about next Tuesday?

Resupplying satellites


That takes care of everyone involved in the chase. And enough left to make one more cone.


Sam. Remove. Your facial tentacles. From my arm.

Resupplying satellites



Like it? That's real ichor there, not some run of the mill ooze.

It's stylish, it seals in moisture, and it causes all the hair to fall out where it touches.


She should consider herself lucky. For the cost of an ice cream cone, she got the services of a first rate spit beautician.


Resupplying satellites


By the way, ichor is the ethereal fluid in veins of Greek gods, poisonous to mortals.

Ha! At least I'm poisonous!

Actually, this is a reminder of how tasty your species must be.

FLIGHT PLAN! Didn't you want to go over the flight plan? Yes, that is very much what we should be concentrating on right now!

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