Freefall 1721 - 1730

Freefall 1721

Home again



Cock a doodle do!


I've given Polly speakers.

I liked her better when all she did was try to eat my face off.

Home again


I heard a rooster!

Helix added speakers to Polly.

No breakfast chicken for you!

Just as well. I no longer have a robe and it's uncivilized to stalk prey in one's pajamas.

Home again


I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair. I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair. I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way.

Bleah! His smell's in my clothes. Everything's going to have to be laundered. There are times I wish scents didn't produce such strong feelings in me.

This is why I try to only rub elbows with people that I like. If I must wear my emotions on my sleeve, they may as well be pleasant ones.

Home again


Helix, I've been thinking about Florence's remote.

Along with the stuff that clears her Direct Order Memory, we should give her this as well.

I understand.

You've broken it, haven't you?

I have not!

Home again


It might be the batteries. Let me see!

Let go. It's not the batteries. Helix, let go!

I heard you guys fighting. Is everything okay out here?

See? This is why we can't be trusted with her remote!

You're jealous because I got it working again.


Jerk with a heart of gold

Home again


Is her memory working again?

Yeah. The memory blocker should be out of her system now.


'Course, it might not be COMPLETELY out of her system. She might suddenly find herself sitting at this table without any memory of how she got here.

That WOULD save us from a savage mauling.

Well, she had a rough time at Ecosystems Unlimited yesterday. It's my job as a captain to make sure she takes it easy for a while.


Home again


Okay, let's
wake her up.



Click. Click.
Click. Click.


Here you can recall Larvel Jones, a famous parodist from the “Police Academy” (Robot Spike)

Home again

estimated sound of remote



Why am I… How… What happened?

Sam and I were fighting over your remote and we accidentally turned you off. We're sorry.

Helix, what did I say to do if you feel an outburst of honesty coming on?

If what I say is going to get us killed, don't say anything at all.

Home again


Here's your remote.

Are you mad at us?

Not really. Everyone, and I mean everyone who has access to my remote has to see if it works at least once. It created some …memorable… moments at college.

Needless to say, had I known they hired a new security force, I never would have volunteered to drive the forklift at the graduation ceremony.

Home again


Now that you have your remote, you should be able to figure out a way around it.

That would be considered an intentional violation of my safeguards.

Ecosystems Unlimited made it very clear that if I'm ever caught bypassing my safeguards, I will lose all privileges to go unescorted in public.

So, how many ways have you figured out so far?

Hypothetically speaking? Twelve.

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