Freefall 1561 - 1570

Freefall 1561

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


I haven't seen a single robot since we've come on site.

That's nice. I didn't even know robots were interested in getting married.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


This isn't much of a challenge. How about we make it interesting and try taking back the donuts after we've given them to people?


Spoilsport. I bet I could have bribed my way across this entire complex on just one donut.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


A Bowman's Wolf? I didn't know we had one on the planet. I'll set you up in lab three.

Sorry for the delay. Things have been a mess since we cut our computers off from the commnet.

Why did you do that?

Because A.I.'s are supposed to answer questions, not ask them, and… HEY! Stop that!

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


You, go to Lab Three. Follow the instructions. Mr. Starfall, the Executive Lounge is that way.

You're letting me into the Executive Lounge?

Why not? Everything in there is complimentary. Help yourself and take as much as you like.

Silly humans. I know this tactic. They're trying to get me filled up on rolls before I get to the steaks.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Welcome to Lab Three. This is your friendly automated instruction unit. Please remove all clothing and jewelry. Put on one lab gown.

Please sit on the chair in front of the metal tray.

Using the diagram, please draw three blood samples.

I don't care how much money it saves. I liked medical better before it became self serve.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


After rinsing, please place the spinal tap and bone marrow sampler heads into the labeled autoclave.

That concludes the biological sampling portion of this program. Please sit and fill out the questionnaire while the psychological portion begins.

Or are we lying?

До меня не доходит последняя фраза – к чему она?(Durable)
“I am lying” – Парадокс лжеца (Mitrill)

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Hello, Mr. Starfall! I hear you have a Bowman's Wolf. I've been assigned to answer your questions.

This is so exiting! I get to be the first person to give a product orientation to an extra terrestrial. How did I get to be so lucky?

Because you don't know me well and you're the junior guy?

Yes! And they still gave me this assignment! I have great co-workers.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Do you remember me? We met outside “The Golden Trough” buffet.

Yes. Did you ever find that feral ballerina?

No. I found something even more disturbing! A ballet company formed entirely from old terraforming robots!

Heavy industrial ballerinas?

Exactly! Though my manager didn't believe me! Even after I showed him pictures of a crane lifting an earthmover in a tutu!

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


You should talk to my engineer. She thinks something's funny with the robots as well.

Maybe I'll call her. What's her contact name?

Why call? She's in the lab down the hall.

The Bowman's Wolf? You're letting a Bowman's Wolf run your ship? Unsupervised?

Hey, I supervise her. I just don't have any idea what she's doing.

It's scary how well you would fit in here.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


She's been in psychological testing for fifteen minutes. We can go in now.

Do you want her to have any memories of our talk?

Her memories can be erased?

As her extremely honest captain and ethical captain, is that something you can show me how to do?

Sure. Why not? What harm could it do?

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