Freefall 1531 - 1540

Freefall 1531

A call from the mayor


Do you still want to smuggle brandy on board Sam's ship?

No. I'll keep that bullet in my pistol for another time.

I don't want to push that A.I. too hard yet. As long as it follows my orders, I have an intelligence asset in Sam's camp.

Didn't he corrupt his last robot by convincing it that we don't represent it if it doesn't get to vote?

I'm telling you, if you gave that squid a gold ring, it would come back tarnished.

A call from the mayor


First, we get some cigars. Then we figure out how to make them explode.

Hi, Polly.



New plan. First we feed Polly. Then we can make exploding cigars.




A call from the mayor


I'll get you something to eat in a minute! Stop chewing on my fingers!

Do emus eat ice cream?

All flightless birds love ice cream!

Let's give her the crunchy one with real grasshopper bits!

She's gone! Do you think she got into the air vents?

I hope so. They could use a good dusting.

A call from the mayor


Just keep walking. Pretend that nothing's out of the ordinary.

Though on this ship, I don't know if it's possible for me to do anything that would be considered out of the ordinary.

A call from the mayor


Oh, sure! Hide behind someone more edible than you are!

A call from the mayor


The Mayor, Sam, emus. They can wait. The shower is one place where I can relax and put all my cares on hold, if only for a little while.

John Jones Monroevian Moonshine should make these cigars explode.


Sorry to barge in like this, but the shower was the fastest place to extinguish a burning emu.

A call from the mayor


Polly, I don't know if you've seen the movie “Psycho”, but we better leave before the famous “blood running down the shower drain” scene is recreated.

Sam has no respect for privacy, personal space, considers locks a challenge, and is always getting in places he's not supposed to be.

Helix, next time it's your turn to put the emu out!

Still, it's strange that Ecosystems Unlimited actually tried stonewalling the Mayor. If they're up to anything, perhaps Sam is exactly the type of person I should take with me tomorrow.

A call from the mayor


Florence, want to help us make exploding cigars?

They're for the Mayor!

Uh… Yeah. Because… Smoking is really bad for humans and… and… and these will help her want to quit!

Good enough logic for me.

A call from the mayor


Blows outward and extinguishes the flame. These exploding cigars are… safer than I was hoping for.

Have you and Polly been introduced?

We rescued her from a savage pack of tailgaters. They were going to cook her in peanut oil, with crisps and chips and soy bacon and lettuce on the side.

No, no! All that water coming out of her mouth means she wants to be friendly.

Now is it never add drool to acid, or acid to drool?

Попадание воды в концентрированную кислоту вызывает сильный разогрев (процесс растворения экзотермический), при этом кипящая жидкость летит куда ни попадя и немало причиняет. Правильно – понемногу добавлять кислоту в воду (у воды больше теплоёмкость), при этом долго и тщательно размешивать.
Ну, сии правила это скорее к серной кислоте конкретно прилагаются. Теплоемкость у них не сильно разнится, а вот плотность да. Если воду плеснуть, то она так на поверхности и останется, где вполне способна закипеть. Наоборот же кислота проходит сквозь всю толщу, растворяясь и охлаждаясь.

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