Freefall 1381 - 1390

Freefall 1381

The robot meeting begins


Why Martin Luther King? Why not Siddhartha or Gandhi?

Fewest number of variables.

Both sides of the conflict lived in the same country, spoke the same language, had the same religion, and wanted a better life for their kids.

So… The only thing that kept the two groups apart was the ability to tell the two groups apart? How was that able to continue?

Well, it takes some emperors longer than others to realize they have no clothes.

Сказка “Новое платье короля” братьев Гримм (Robot Spike)

The robot meeting begins


Side A, the majority side, and side B both claimed to follow the same code of ethics.

When side B marched and side A attacked them, it became obvious to everyone that a sizeable portion of side A did not believe in the ethics their country rested on.

It all sounds very civilized. You're editing, aren't you?

I don't know how deep your human safe programming goes. So yes, this conversation has been sanitized for your protection.

The robot meeting begins


Now things get interesting. The majority of side A still believed in their code of ethics and wanted their leaders to believe in them as well.

Meanwhile, side B held the moral high ground and was showing a greater commitment to those ethics than side A was.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Martin Luther King Jr. had lived and built on that?

He'd have been a Mac user! The P.C. wars! It would have changed everything!

Ну, не знаю насчёт 2007 года, но модель Мартина Лютера Кинга ближе к идеям линукса. возможно Стэнли просто не знал об этой операционке. кто знает…

The robot meeting begins


You're missing the point. Side B was going for the moral high ground right on the leading edge of a series of scandals. Savings and loan. Waste management systems. Watergate. Tyco. Enron.

There was a deep ethical crisis going on. Every time millions of dollars disappeared, side A was involved.

So if side B had developed a sterling reputation for ethics, they almost certainly would have been asked to take over positions of leadership.

Side A would have to become more ethical in order to compete.

An upward spiral. Though not without cost. It's likely the North American Lobbyist would have been driven to extinction.

Фло перечислила крупные скандалы в США, в частности, Enron.

The robot meeting begins


I get it! You're trying to trigger the upward ethics spiral!

Our hopes aren't quite that big. We'll settle for making a lasting good impression.

I just had to say where the idea came from. To pay honor to the memory of a man who gave his life so that others could live in a better world.

Bowman's Wolves have an interesting way of thinking. I hope your species survives.

Thanks. We kind of hope so too.

The robot meeting begins


I hear music.

That would be Qwerty on the pipe organ. We should get going.

Do you have a religious preference? I'm an Omniquantist myself.

What is an Omniquantist?

If god is omnipotent and all things are possible, then it is possible that all religions are correct simultaneously.

I picked the wrong week to give up coffee.



How can all religions be correct at the same time? They contradict each other.

Omnipotence. Think about it.

Dvorak! What did I tell you about talking to others about Omniquantism?

You said to wait until you were here and here you are.


Only one in three, and if Ms. Ambrose does lock up, how hard could she be to reboot?

Получаем богов Шрёдингера, что ли?
Хуже. Вероятность любой случайной комбинации возможностей отлична от нуля. Нет истины. Нет лжи. В данном случае Omniquantism обращается в аналог квантовой пены: оно существует, но смысла не имеет, пока не выделишь дискретный параметр. (Durable)



You're right. With an omnipotent being, there doesn't have to be a single fixed reality.

You might see a ball as all white. I might see the same ball as all black. It doesn't have to be one or the other. We'd both be right because the ball can exist in both states simultaneously.

Well, at least we don't have to reboot her.

The only A.I.'s who lock up are the ones who can't escape the tyranny of binary thinking.



You caught on quick. Great minds must think alike.

Right. It's more likely that manufactured minds think alike.

It's an interesting idea, but why did you come up with it?


Why did we come up with it?



Ms. Ambrose, you saw what happened when I gave a direct order to sit.

Even though we're not three law robots, we do try to obey direct human orders.

So guess what happens when someone hands a robot a bible and gives them a direct order to believe?


Luckily for these guys, my college major was in anti-philosophy.

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