Freefall 1161 - 1170

Freefall 1161

After dinner thoughts


Beekay is going to go nuts when I get home. It's been years since I've come in this late.

It's always exciting for dogs when the pack reforms.

Packs can get split up during a chase. He sees you and knows the Alpha is safe and is maybe going to share food with him from a successful hunt.

I'm sure in his little doggy mind, he feels it's his due. For all the times he's hunted under the furniture and shared his dust bunny kills with me.

After dinner thoughts


Beekay's biggest thoughts are of his next meal. What's your biggest thought?

I think we should disassemble the sun.

Only a small portion of a sun's energy reaches a planet. Take apart a sun and use the energy where it's needed, a star could support life for tens of billions of years instead of just a few billion.

Usually I consider things on a more planetary scale.

Ah. Medium sized ideas.

After dinner thoughts


What about the planets? Put up big fusion generators?

Probably. But you'd start by taking apart stars without planets. You don't want bystanders if there's a learning experience.

It might also be a good method to locate advanced alien life. The human race broadcast large amounts of energy for less than two hundred years. An eye blink if you're trying to detect it.

So if you see part of the galaxy where the stars are going out, that would be a good place to go looking.

For you, maybe. Myself, I'd consider it a big “Keep away” sign.

After dinner thoughts


No worries. Taking suns apart isn't something I'd try anytime soon. Maybe something our descendants will do in a million years or so.

So, no giant commitments in your immediate future.

Sam's ship. Other than that, I'm pretty much open.

Are you open this Wednesday?

I don't know. Hard to plan things that far in the future.

After dinner thoughts


Well, I guess this is good night.

Guess so.

Mom! Mom! There's a man outside who's GONNA KISS A DOG!

Well, good night.


Timmy, back to bed!

But mom!

After dinner thoughts


Okay, I can let go now. Winston's truck is out of sight. The urge to chase it is over.

After dinner thoughts


This was a good evening. Though maybe I was a little too forward with Winston. He's human. We should remain just friends.

I'm not supposed to be attracted to the species that raised me. I'm supposed to be attracted to my own species. A species I've never met and have only seen in pictures.

Unfortunately, the area where I could really use some good advice is the same area that's missing in all the books I've read on relationships.



I'm thinking too much. I should really just relax, enjoy the moment, and listen to the birds sing.

Except birds normally don't sing at night… They definitely don't sing Mozart.

And it's four o'clock in the morning. The time when intellectual curiosity and physical tiredness are exactly balanced.



There's another one. And further off… Beethoven? I've got to check this out.

Need to be careful. My instincts come to the front when I'm tired.

Just need to keep reminding myself. I'm stalking the birds to see them, not to find out what they taste like.



Whirring noise when they move. No bird smell. These are unusual birds.

I wonder what they taste like? No. Well, maybe just one.

Changed my mind. I won't be eating this after all.

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