Freefall 1091 - 1100

Freefall 1091

Dropping off Winston


Is this about you? Are you worried your genetics, your instincts, might overpower your thoughts?

I used to.

My instincts and feelings do affect me quite strongly. But as long as I stop and think, I remain in control of my actions.

Though if the genetic engineers who made my safeguards ever heard me say that, they'd blow a gasket.

Dropping off Winston


Table 17, order up.

I shall need a distraction.

Henri, table 17, please.


That man does not look anything like a ninja.

Ah, but that is exactly what a ninja should look like.

Dropping off Winston


It has been a pleasure chatting with you two, but I see I have interrupted your dinner. I shall leave now and so that you may continue to enjoy your meal.

Dinner? Did they slide that out while we were talking?

The man we were talking to would have reacted if he saw the screen slide up. From above? No, that's not it.

Then how? Magic?

The ultimate compliment to ninja craftsmanship. To see what has been done and swear that it could not be possible.

Dropping off Winston


Maybe the food arrived before that man stopped to talk with us.

I believe this situation calls for canine philosophy.

There is food before us. Here it sits, growing cold. Let's eat.

At the museum


This is Officer 34. In pursuit of Sam Starfall on.. Woodward Avenue.

What the… Hold on. He's gone. I've lost him.

How can a baby disappear like that!? I only took my eyes off it for a second!

Officer 34. You've never been a parent, have you?

At the museum


Lost him. He fell for the same technique we used on Officer Martini.

Once shaken, don't stir.

Too bad we have money. This would have been a good night for a burglary.

We could break in and return something we've already stolen.

All the work, all the risk, none of the reward. Brilliant, Helix. But save ideas like that for when we have employees.

At the museum


We can't put back things we've stolen! People won't know we're robbing them.

They'll think their stuff was only misplaced if it keeps coming back. Days will pass before they call the police.

So when we DO steal something for real, we'll have time to sell it before it gets reported! Helix, you're a criminal genius!

I don't mean to be.

At the museum


Back home, our Walmart of the underworld was the waterfront.

An oozing infestation of scoundrels whose decaying warehouses held the prizes of a thousand different crimes.

When it comes to atmosphere, monthly storage units don't even come close.

At the museum


What should we give back? A cell phone? We have enough of them.

No way. Those are our most profitable item.

People use these to talk loudly in restaurants and theaters and other public places.

If we start giving them back, the other customers might stop paying us to take them.

At the museum


We could return this portrait of Snarky's Mother.

No. It's painted on gossamer. Common. We could return the time bomb we found.

Better not. The owner will be mad that we broke the clock. It stopped on five and we've never been able to get it restarted.




How about our authorized copy of the “Star Wars Holiday Special”, signed by George Lucas?

Perfect! The one item we've stolen that causes worry when it disappears and utter panic when it returns to public view.

Приседающий барсук – герой вирусного ролика. Осторожно, мозг (Robot Spike)
Рождественское издание “Звёздных войн” – такой трэш, что даже сам Джордж Лукас попытался сделать вид, что ничего подобного никогда не существовало:

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