Freefall 1001 - 1010

Freefall 1001

Space Walkies!


By the way, good job out there.

Thank you captain.

No problem. I'm always glad to tell you when you've done well.

It's cheaper than buying you biscuits.

Space Walkies!


Anything else you need?


Did you intend to stand there while I change clothes?

If you don't mind.

She's on to me. Now I'll never find out where she hides her wallet and credit cards before she puts on her space suit.

Space Walkies!


Sam, we're friends, but that's as far as our relationship goes. No further.

What? Oh! That mammalian pair bonding thing. No worries there.

Sort of like your earth octopus, my kind dies after breeding, except in our case both the male and female die.

You're kidding?

I know it's a difficult idea for you guys. Some folks never accept it. Can you believe the local police chief still tries to set me up on blind dates?

Space Walkies!


How does that work? Do you wait until you're old to have kids?

Most of us are sterile. The ones who can have kids have them young.

If the parents die, who takes care of the little ones?

When you hear about a clutch being born and you want a kid, you go pick out one you like.

You make it sound like picking out a puppy.

I could do good business on my world importing puppies. They're more loyal and easier to paper train.

Space Walkies!


Are you related to the people who raised you?

Me? No. some are, but not me. Must seem strange to you.

Not really. My parents are human. You don't have to be genetically related to someone to love them.

We may have more in common than we know.

Now that's a scary thought.

Space Walkies!


There goes satellite twenty. Our job is done.

I didn't have to lie, cheat or steal, and I made more money than my last ten scams combined.


I'll be glad when the new moon gets here and we no longer get paid so much. As things stand, there is this horrible temptation to become honest.

Space Walkies!


Helix, are you okay?

Arrr. I be fine, Lass. But it be Long John Aluminum ye be speaking to, scurviest pirate to sail the seven spaceways!

Sam, what did you do to Helix?

What makes you think I had anything to do with this?

Occam's Razor.

Look, I don't know any Occam, and if his razor's in my room, I don't know how it got there!

Бритва Оккама – исследовательский приём, когда от проблемы отсекается всё, что однозначно не ведёт к решению (Robot Spike)

Space Walkies!


Helix, didn't we talk about this?

Aye. And I figured if I AM a pirate, I can't BECOME a pirate.

I don't have to worry about tripping up, and I'll be set for September 19, “Talk Like A Pirate” day.

But the best part about being a space pirate is how easy it is to hide your treasure. Drop it from orbit and Boom! It's self burying!

Space Walkies!


Helix, where did you get this idea about becoming a pirate?

De-orbit burn in five minutes.

Closing inner and outer cargo bay doors. Retracting radiators. Engineering check off list on display. De-orbit burn in five minutes.

Nice distraction. I'd thank the computer for saving me except that I don't want it blowing fuses during re entry.

Re Entry


Check off is complete. We have landing clearance. Strap in, guys. Thrust in ninety seconds.

I wasn't sure if they would give us clearance.

We've flown before, Helix. Remember the airplane we borrowed?

Since then, I've always known they'd give us landing clearance. It makes their evacuation plans much simpler if they know where we're going to come down.

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