Freefall 0911 - 0920

Freefall 0911

Yes, they're in space


Why are you showing me this? I'm the captain. That's like a C.E.O.. I shouldn't have to know how things I'm in charge of actually work.

On a large ship with an engineering department, that would be true. On a small ship like this, each of us has to be able to do the job of the other two.

So that's my problem. I need to be captain of a bigger ship.

Yes, they're in space


Florence wants to teach me about engineering. That means work. Only a chump works when they can get someone else to do it for them.

On the other hand, people pay big bucks to get this kind of training. For me NOT to take advantage of the situation would be a crime.

There's got to be a way out of this. Like my old mentor used to say, “If you want to have your cake and eat it too, steal two cakes.”

Yes, they're in space


When you returned Pop Rivet's truck, you were able to bypass his security because of your engineering background, right?

Basically, yes. All electronic systems work by the same general principles.

So, learning about engineering will give me knowledge on how human technology works, which will help me defeat security systems. That means it's okay for me to work hard on it.

Whew. Bent, but unbroken. I have made it through yet another ethical crisis with my morals intact.

Yes, they're in space


Hold the plastic bag with one hand, then pull the filter into the bag with the other.

After this, I'd like for us to eat together. That will help me think of you as the captain.

Eating together, rather than my awesome displays of competency and leadership makes you see me as captain? That must be a wolf thing.

Uhm, yes. That's it. A wolf thing.

Yes, they're in space


Among wolves, it's the leaders of the pack who eat first.

When humans created us, it's like they laid down intelligence over our existing instincts. Logically, I know it's silly. But my gut still tells me hierarchy is based on who eats before who.

In a way, it's kind of funny. If there's ever enough Bowman's Wolves to crew a ship, I expect the three highest ranking officers will be the captain, the executive officer, and the cook.

Yes, they're in space


Satellite deployment in five minutes.

Right. Thanks. On my way to the bridge.

No need for me to go. Not when I can try out a recipe that's not even possible planetside.

Behold! Another Sam Starfall masterpiece. The soup sandwich.

Yes, they're in space


Genius! Sheer Genius! I can't eat this soup sandwich right now. I must gaze upon my brilliance.

Thrust warning. Thrust in thirty seconds. All hands make yourself secure. Thrust in thirty seconds.

Ah, inertia. My ancient enemy. Once again we meet face to face.

Yes, they're in space


Even in orbit, the forces of nature remain out to get me.

A little bit of soup floating about. No big deal. Helix and Florence have been doing a good job housekeeping.

Why, the walls are clean enough to eat off of.

Yes, they're in space


Sam, I wanted us to eat together. Now I come back and find you eating in front of me.

I'm doomed.

Finally he's starting to act like an Alpha.

Yes, they're in space


Helix is going to need to sleep soon. This is a new environment and his day memory is filling up fast.

One of us will need to take over the watch. Do you want to take the midnight shift or the day shift afterwards?

Sam gets his choice of what he wants. That should help him feel like an Alpha.

No way for me to get out of work. I'm still a subordinate.

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