Freefall 0851 - 0860

Freefall 0851

Calling Winston


One of the reasons I called is that I owe you a dinner.

What? Tonight?

No, not tonight. I can see you're busy and we have satellites to deliver. I was thinking a day or two from now.

Satellite delivery. Promise me you'll stay off that leg.

We'll be in microgravity. You have my promise.

Calling Winston


Is there anyplace you'd like to eat?

There used to be this great place for fermented entomological cooking not far from here.

They've closed down now, which is really a shame. They served a great grub steak. A new restaurant's opened in the same building. They might be worth a try.

I think it's called “The Golden Trough”.

Perhaps our evening will go better if you let me pick the restaurant.

Calling Winston


I'm not finding any restaurants with insects on the menu.

There's some with cockroaches in the kitchens, but not intentionally. I don't think we want to eat at those places.

No, we don't. Perhaps I've been in civilization too long, but I find wild cockroaches too stringy and gamy for my taste.

Calling Winston


There are several good seafood restaurants. Crab, Lobster.

Seafood is good.

Casual or formal?

Semi-formal at least. I'm still new here, and folks are more at ease with me in a formal environment.

People tend to worry if a wolf walks in while they're eating. They worry a lot less if that same wolf is wearing an evening gown.

Calling Winston


I never should have left Florence onboard alone. I've given her the perfect opportunity to steal the ship!

By going after the Inspector, I've allowed the prospect of short term profit to endanger my long term goals.

That sounds like something Florence would say.

Aieee! If I'm thinking like her, she might be thinking like me! Run faster, Helix! Run faster!

Calling Winston


There's the ship. Florence hasn't taken off! The cargo door is still open.

Look at this. There's satellite pods and tools and all kinds of stuff lying around begging for someone like me to come in and take them.

Except that everything here is already ours.

I know. It's just seeing an opportunity like this and NOT being able to swipe something makes me itch all over.

Calling Winston


I wouldn't worry about Florence if I had more control over her. I've been letting her run wild through the ship. I need to exert my captaincy.

There are three ways a captain can control his crew. Money, loyalty, and fear. We're broke, so it can't be money.

If Florence wanted to, she could peel you out of that environment suit and eat you like a grape.

Okay, we've got a good fear factor here, but it really only works when the captain isn't the one who's terrified of the crew.

Calling Winston


I can't control Florence with money. I can't control her by fear. That leaves only loyalty.

I don't know anything about loyalty! Helix, how do you make someone loyal to you?

For canines, all you have to do is feed them.

That sounds like a lot of work in exchange for undying devotion. What have you got that's simpler?

Calling Winston


Why do you stay with me, Helix? I don't feed you.

Freedom. It's easier for me to think around you.

If Florence or I worked for a human, our thoughts and actions would be curtailed. With you, none of our safeguards apply.

I like working for you because if I choose to, I can beat you with a stick.

Okay, that's a job perk we don't want to play up.

Calling Winston


So Florence is going to want to be with me instead of a human because she has more freedom here. Good. Now I know how you guys think.

The captain is back. Time to work. I'll see you tomorrow night.

See you then.

Helix, I'm starting to realize the surest sign I'm on the wrong track for how you guys think is when I believe I understand how you guys think.

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