Freefall 0841 - 0850

Freefall 0841

Return of the watch and obligatory chase scene


Good mobbing. Here's your ice cream. Nice job.

Here's your ice cream. Thank you for coming.

Here's your ice cream.

Return of the watch and obligatory chase scene


You guys are missing half the enjoyment of ice cream, eating like that.

But I suppose that's the way it is with simple animals. You eat your food as fast as you can so no one can try to take it from you.

There sure are a lot of you guys. I hope one cone is enough for everyone.

Return of the watch and obligatory chase scene


Let's walk back to the ship, Helix. No more running. I'm pooped!

Good idea. Why run? We've been gone so long, Florence has probably already taken off to deliver the satellites herself.


А ведь он вроде как “уставший”. Помнится, в фильме “Люди в чёрном” агента Джея взяли в Бюро из-за способности умотать в гонке точно такого же алиена-цефалопода. Правда, в человеческом обличье, а не в скафандре (Robot Spike)

Return of the watch and obligatory chase scene


Satellites are secured and talking. Pre-flight checks are done. My space suit has been inspected and stowed in the cargo bay air lock.

Now I should either call Winston and set something up for dinner, or double check the ship. I'll flip a coin. Heads, I call Winston. Tails, I check the ship.

Of course, If I really wanted an even chance here, I wouldn't be using one of Sam's coins.

Calling Winston


I hope Winston added me to his call filter. This could take some time if he didn't.

Automatic filtering really became popular in the 21st century United States of America, where their telespammers had gotten out of control. Actually, that entire country was a bit out of control, attacking any other country that even looked at them funny. Both very annoying things that usually happened right at dinnertime.

Which led directly to the creation of the United States “Do not call” list and the United Nations “Do not invade” list.

blue.jpg calling.jpg blue.jpg

Calling Winston


*BIP* Incoming call.

It never fails. You're doing an autopsy and the moment you crack open the brain casing, the phone rings.

Calling Winston


It will be nice to see Winston again, but using a phone never really feels like talking to a person.

Wait. I have his shirt. I should have time to get it and get back before the call connects.


Now it will feel like I'm talking to him.

Calling Winston


Florence! Hi! How are you? You're looking better.

How's the leg? Is is giving you any pain? Are you eating? Did you remember to drink lots of water?

You're still looking pale. Maybe some iron pills…

It always takes veterinarians just a little bit longer to realize the dog they're talking to might want to join the conversation as well.

Calling Winston


I'm asking too much at once. Let me put this fish away and start over. First, are you eating?

Hi, Winston. Yes, I'm eating. I wasn't prepared for how strong the first hunger pains would be, but it's under control now.

You didn't eat Sam, did you? I kind of promised him you wouldn't.

Sam is fine. While it may seem counter intuitive, dismembering your employer can actually prevent you from collecting severance pay.

Good job tip. I'll have to remember that at my next performance review.

Calling Winston


How's the leg.

Still hurts. I'm trying to stay off it.

Don't let your captain work you too hard. You need time to heal.

Injury or not, my captain expects me to work as hard as he does.

A real slave driver?

No, I actually think he's surprised every morning that I get out of bed.

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