Freefall 0711 - 0720

Freefall 0711

Arrival at the mall


You're a wolf, so you're using left handed amino acids. What are you? A prototype?

A “proof of concept”, a model to show it's possible before spending the money to send people and equipment between star systems.

I'm surprised you're not in a lab.

To quote, “A series of clerical errors resulted in the inadvertent release of the Bowman's Wolf to the general public.”.

Thing is, if you look at how perfectly those errors needed to line up, our release looks as accidental as eight brothers of a lottery commissioner winning the grand prize on eight consecutive weeks.

Arrival at the mall


If you were deliberately released, who do you think did it?

We're pretty sure it was Dr. Bowman.

His name appears a lot in the chain of events. He signed the expenses. He signed the transfers. He signed the sales slips.

He signed us.

У нее на ухе – татуировка с автографом доктора Боумана. Почему на ухе? А иначе сквозь шерсть не разглядеть. (KALDYH)

Arrival at the mall


My feet are padded and taped. I'm not going to scratch your floors. Can I come in now?

I suppose. I don't normally allow construction equipment into the mall.

This would be so much easier if you were smaller. I don't know why you guys get so attached to the frames you came on line in.

I mean, can't you picture yourself in this jaguar sports body?

Wouldn't last two days at the job site. Keep your sports model, I'm happy with my beetle.

Жук, ягуар – типы современных кузовов автомобилей

Arrival at the mall


Ah, there's Ms. Ambrose. She's talking to someone, so the two minute rule is in effect. I need to listen for two minutes before joining the conversation so I know what's going on.


That part I don't like. Sales slips. Intelligent beings should not be property!

Then what about robots? Aren't they intelligent beings?

But in this case, the ten second rule is good enough.

Arrival at the mall


Good morning.

Sawtooth! Hi! What are you doing here?

I wanted to see how you were. I would have called, but I know how important physical presence is to you organic types.

It seems especially important in the case of telemarketers. So many people tell me they want to get their hands on them.

Arrival at the mall


Niomi, this is Sawtooth. Sawtooth, Niomi.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Please don't let me interrupt your conversation. I believe you were saying intelligent beings shouldn't be property.

Heavy construction equipment is so cute when it's trying to be subtle.

I make river ways. I know how to be subtle. That's when I use chemical explosives instead of nuclear.

Arrival at the mall


It bothers you that Florence has an owner?

Yes! But it bothers me more that she puts up with it!

Now is not a good time for us to push for freedom.

Why not!? Give me one good reason why you shouldn't try for freedom right now!?

Well, for starters, it's likely to result in my entire species going extinct.

You must admit that is a good reason.

Arrival at the mall


You think people might get violent if you try for freedom?

Nothing so dramatic. There's only 14 of us. Are you familiar with Franklin's 50/500 rule?

On a terraformed planet? Of course. That's the rule that says a species needs at least 50 individuals for short term survival and 500 for long term survival.

Well, POOP!

It's not that bad. So far neither the government nor the media is involved, so we still have a chance of coming up with a workable solution.

Arrival at the mall


The way we see it, if we become a successful and profitable product, Ecosystems Unlimited will want to make more of us. Our survival chances go up dramatically if that happens.

But knowing your situation, wouldn't they help you because it's the right thing to do?

So you're saying we should go to the company C.E.O. and appeal to his nobility and generosity instead of his greed?

Psst. Florence. Go with the greed.

Arrival at the mall


What about your kids? Are they going to be like robots and owned for a number of years before they're free?

No. We intend to buy our pups.

When I become a mother, I want to love and raise my children, not see them sold to strangers.

A product… buying the next product. Never owned by humans. From day one… They would be free.


Florence, I think you've just made the next parenthood application meeting very interesting.

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