Freefall 0631 - 0640

Freefall 0631

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I am not going to devour this. I don't care how hungry I am. I don't care how good this smells.

I am going to sit down and wait a full sixty seconds. Then I am going to eat this food properly using a knife and fork.

Thirty seconds left. I can do this. Eating the napkin doesn't count.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I shouldn't have eaten again so soon. Now I'm getting sleepy.

It sounds like Sam is trying to reassemble Helix. Nice of him to try to help out like that.

Ah, well. Better get moving. The sooner I stop him, the less damage I'll have to undo.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


That is a different way of assembling Helix.

It is? I mean, it is!

It's an improvement. Now he can pick things up without having to bend down.

I bet if your arms and legs had been pulled off, you'd want them reattached properly.


Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Florence is occupied putting Helix back together. This would be a good time to look around the kitchen.

Here's what she was eating. It must be so weird being a carnivore, with the whole mindset of stalking and running and fighting for your food.

It's so much easier being a scavenger.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


They say that hunger is the best spice.

But there is another that will make people eat even when they're not hungry.

Food. It's here and it's free.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I want to stay up. Why do I have to go into sleep mode?

Because your neural processors have to be off line in order for you to properly compress and cross reference today's memories.

Because Mousie is sleepy and needs you to keep him company.

Oh, okay.

Blink blink

blink blink

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Hi, Flo. Wow, it's late. Time for me to get to bed. Good night.

What the… He waited until I had gone and then ate the food I left.

Sam is the captain of this ship. There's no way he should be eating like some low ranking pack member. I need to find a way to boost his confidence.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


It's time I go to bed as well. Everyone else is already there.

Logically, I know this has been a pretty productive day. The water systems are up and running. Sam got a contract. The explosive bolts we need are on order.

So why do I feel emotionally that today's biggest achievement was making a kill on Helix?

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I wonder if the reason why I'm feeling my instincts so strongly is because of the amount of blood I lost. I may be outside the parameters Dr. Bowman designed us for.

I could write to Ecosystems Unlimited and ask them, but they never respond to questions about us.

I suppose it's just as well. Messages from your creator would lose a lot of their majesty if they had to compete with spam in your e-mail in box.

Meet the kids



Hazel, I said to SEE if she was awake yet.

I did, Mommy. She is.

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