Freefall 0611 - 0620

Freefall 0611

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Poor Helix. I should have tried explaining to him that organ meats are how carnivores get their vitamins.

Instead, when he ran off with my food, I chased him down and left him in pieces. Hungry or not, my behavior should be better than that.

Though I must admit that as substitute prey, Helix has made this meal much more satisfying.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I'll make myself sick if I eat until I'm no longer hungry. Time to grab a couple of towels and put this in the refrigerator.

There we go. Far in the back and covered with towels. It should be safe until I come back for it.

Covered with towels? Ack! My instincts are showing. I just buried a Tupperware bowl.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Where did you go with my leg?

There was a burr on the rotator cuff. I filed it off.

That does feel smoother. Every time you disassemble and reassemble me, I'm a little bit better than I was before.

I thought I was sending such a simple message.

I'm due for maintenance soon. Should I set up an appointment or just pull your tail?

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I know you meant well, but you need to leave my food alone.

But your food is so bland! You should let me cook for you!

You cook? Helix, you don't eat.

Beethoven was deaf and he wrote symphonies.

You consider yourself the Beethoven of baking?

Exactly. I can bake just like Beethoven.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


I was warned not to let you cook.

But I've made improved cookware.

A pressure cooker works by applying pressure and heat for a long tome. My way does the same thing in an instant.

That sounds almost like you're trying to cook by using explosives.

I am. I'm pretty sure it works, but Sam's never regained consciousness soon enough to give me a good taste test.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Helix, most foods contain a lot of water. Liquids don't really compress. Using explosives, you're sending shock waves through the food more than you are heating it.

I find it a little disturbing that Sam lets you cook that way.

I find it much more disturbing that you two have access to explosives in the first place.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


Here's what we've been using. John Jones Monroevian Moonshine. Fine sipping whiskey and high explosive.

Ingredients list muskrat squeezings, nitroglycerin, and other additives both natural and unnatural.

“If you drink this, you will die.” Pretty clear warning label.

Uhm, That's the statement of quality. The warnings are listed further down.

Muskrat – ондатра или менее вероятно выхухоль (дословно мускусная крыса). Тут игра слов: muscat squeezings – выжимки мускатного ореха, которые добавляют в вино для придания пряного аромата. “Монровийский самогон Джона Джонса” содержит давленую ондатру

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


This is too dangerous to have on board. Please put it in a safe place and we'll dispose of it before take off.

Hey, guys! I'm back!

[!1.5]SAM'S HOME! YEA!

That would be really cute if he wasn't carrying high explosives.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee



Hi Helix. Hey, you've got my jug of highly unstable and explosive Moonshine with you.

Whoop! Here comes Florence. She looks hungry. Has she eaten yet?


Whew. Good. For a moment there, I thought I might have been in danger.

Time to wake up and stalk the coffee


You saved my Moonshine! For that, I'm going to let you have a drink of it.

Drink this? I'd be safer letting it explode.

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