Freefall 0581 - 0590

Freefall 0581

Niomi and Tangent show up to repair the water pump


I could cook something, but I'd probably just stare at it. I really don't feel like eating.

What I feel like doing is digging. I want to make a hole and get in it. Too bad spaceships are notoriously lacking in dirt.

Fortunately, with enough blankets and comforters, I can get the same effect.

Hey, where's my wallet?


I'll have to get into tussles with people more often. It's a great way to pick their pockets and enjoy a meal at their expense.

Hey, there's the guy I stole the wallet from. How's he able to eat here?

Wait a minute. Where's MY wallet?

Hey, where's my wallet?


Hi there. We've got each other's wallets.

What? Why you talented scumbag!

You came here to eat at my expense.

As did you. Well, only one thing to do now.

We need to come up with some way to get out of here without either of us paying.


Hey, where's my wallet?


Just walking out has no style. How about the race bit?

Say we'll run a race for who pays and we both take off? That is more memorable.

My friend and I would like to race. Loser gets the check.

You've eaten here before. I'll arrange the race.

Whoever finishes their stack of dishes first, wins.

Sometimes it's not good to be memorable.

Hey, where's my wallet?


I've finished! Hey, stop washing! YO! GET IN HERE! I'M DONE!

I'm done! I finished first!

You're both done. I can't tell who won. I'll get more dirty dishes and we'll try this again.

You'd think he'd have known better than to leave during the contest.

Yeah, that wasn't real bright of him.

Hey, where's my wallet?


Did you used to work for the government?

That obvious? Yes, I used to.

I was one of a thousand faceless bureaucrats working on minor laws and regulations that slowly chip away at everyone's freedom. Finally, I couldn't take it any more.

Now I work at providing people with what they want. Of course, that's illegal, but I sleep much better at night.

Hey, where's my wallet?


So you're a procurement expert. What kind of things do you move?

Oh, pretty much anything suppressed by the government. These days, I mostly deal in religious texts.

I don't know about this. Regular smuggling I could handle. But I don't think I'm ready to be a bible salesman.

Hey, where's my wallet?


Do people who live here buy a lot of bibles?

The people I sell to aren't numbered among the living.

I'm no expert on human religions, but isn't that a little late?

I'm talking about robots, numbskull. Assuming you have a skull, that is.

В оригинале numbscull – тупица; дословно – “онемелый череп”

Hey, where's my wallet?


Robots have been asking for all kinds of religious texts, not just the bible. Buddhism, Shinto and Hindu texts, they want it all.

That's stupid. Why would they want those? Robots don't have souls.

Do they?

I think that's what they're trying to find out.

Призрак в доспехе, ага (Robot Spike)

Hey, where's my wallet?


I don't know exactly why robots have gotten interested in religion. Maybe they're curious about how they're going to spend eternity.

You're both done again! It's another tie! But no worries, I'll bring you more dirty dishes to wash.

Unlike us, who have a pretty good idea on how we're going to spend eternity.

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