Freefall 0521 - 0530

Freefall 0521

Куда бы полететь?


Those symptoms Florence has… They sound a lot like… being a vampire.

No. That can't be it. She's our engineer and vampires don't like working with nuclear power.

So that's why Florence needed to have some money available.

She's put out bids to contractors to finish the repairs on our ship.


Куда бы полететь?



You're right. Florence is about to spend money from the ships fund.

True, if it weren't for her, there wouldn't be any money in the ship's fund. But there's the principle of the thing.


If it ever got out that I thought the people who earned the money could spend it more wisely than I can, I'd never be able to get a job in government.


Куда бы полететь?


Excuse me.

Yes, Helix?

Florence is a vampire!

A vampire? No. I can see where she might be mistaken for a werewolf, but not a vampire.

But don't you see? That's why it's so clever! No one ever suspects the werewolf of being the vampire!

Куда бы полететь?


Helix, Flo isn't a vampire.

Then prove it! When you go to sleep tonight, leave your door unlocked.

Ha! No way. My door is going to be locked, barred, and barricaded when I go to sleep.


Куда бы полететь?


If Florence isn't a vampire, why is she wearing a big black collar? It's the right size to cover up a bite mark!

The vet gave her that collar.

Ack! That's it! The veterinarian! He's a vampire! [!2.0]AAAAHH!

Helix, Florence is trying to sleep. If you must panic, panic quietly.


Куда бы полететь?


I'll look up that collar Florence is wearing. I should know how much it's worth in case it happens to get misplaced.

Hey, it's a medical collar. A few taps and I can pull up Flo's read outs. This shows she's very much alive. So much for your vampire theory.

If I were a scientist out to prove global warming was man made, I could throw this one fact out as data scatter.

Now, now. Let's not make this decision as if our funding depended on it.

Business opportunities, don't wait up


I'm off to talk to clients. Don't wait up.

Can I go with you?

No, you stay here and keep an eye on the ship. You have a tendency to blurt things out at inconvenient times.

Like the truth?

Exactly. That is such a deal breaker!

Business opportunities, don't wait up


I could talk to these people Florence found over the phone, but I can read body language better when I'm there.

I also like to be there in case a deal starts to go sour. That way, I can move in close and pop my helmet for some good old face to face communication.

Yep. If I can get my sticky tentacles wrapped around someone's head, they'll agree to almost anything just to get me to let go.

Business opportunities, don't wait up


The W.W.F.

For years the World Wildlife Fund and the World Wrestling Federation have been fighting over those initials. Nice to see they've finally reached a compromise.

[!1.2]Give generously to the

[!1.3]Wildlife Wrestling Fund

На самом деле, аббревиатура осталась за Фондом дикой природы, федерацию же реслинга в 2002 году пришлось переименовать. Победила панда… (Veki)
Борцы систематически нарушали мировое соглашение от 1994 года о разграничении использования сокращения в рекламе и в 2002 суд встал на сторону вскипевших экологов (Robot Spike)

Business opportunities, don't wait up


This is the first place on the list. Security looks light. I should have no problem sneaking in.

I like this old spaceport. They built out instead of down. Most of the buildings are only one or two stories high.

It's a bit claustrophobic, but much safer for someone like me, since my line of work occasionally gets me thrown out the nearest window.

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