Freefall 0251 - 0260

Freefall 0251

Covering your tracks


No, no. This is ridiculous.

Why would Florence want to date you when I'm around?

Maybe it's because she knows I'm a beautiful person inside.

That's only because she's had you open for maintenance. If she ever has to open me up, she'll see I'm beautiful inside too!

Я не прекрасен, может быть, наружно, зато душой красив наверняка. Нет, к переводу это отношения не имеет. Просто эти слова песни сами приходят в голову

Covering your tracks


Does it feel weird to you for us to be waiting here?


Normally when we leave a restaurant, we're being chased by an angry mob.

That's it! I knew something didn't seem right.

Covering your tracks


Sigh. That was clumsy of me. I should have cleaned up before I talked to Sam.

At least no humans saw me. A deer needs to be bagged quickly to prevent waste, but many find the process to be upsetting.

In a way, meat is like government money. People like getting it, but they don't like thinking about where it actually comes from.

Covering your tracks



Children almost always react to me like I'm some sort of theme park character.

And for that, I have no complaints at all.

Covering your tracks



[!1.2]Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.[/]

Arthur C. Clarke

[!1.2]Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.[/]

Barry Gehm

[!1.2]Any technology, no matter how primitive, is magic to those who don't understand it.[/]

Florence Ambrose

Третий Закон Кларка”, “Дополнение Гема” к нему и реалистичная точка зрения Марка Стэнли в лице няшки Фло

Covering your tracks



Looks like we're ready to go.

You know I liked this place.

Any restaurant I can leave with half my weight in doggie bags is all right by me.

Covering your tracks


After we put the meat in the freezer, we should return the truck.

Return the truck? You want us to go see Mr. Rivet and give back his truck?

Certainly. We don't need it anymore, and it would be impolite not to thank him.

Impolite. After my borrowing his truck without permission again, I'm willing to bet Mr. Rivet is going to violate every notion of “polite” Florence ever had.

Covering your tracks


How about this? You drop us off at the ship. Helix and I can put the food away while you return the truck.

Sounds fine. It's just a short walk back.

Also, you know how some guys like to insult each other? Don't be surprised if Pop Rivet shoots at you a little.


You know, friendly like.

Friendly fire - когда на войне случайно получаешь пулю от своих же (Veki)

Covering your tracks


Your friend actually shoots at you?

It's no big deal.

He hasn't hit me yet, and his shotgun is only loaded with rock salt.

Of course, when you need to wear a spacesuit, it really doesn't matter much if the holes are made by lead or rock salt.

Covering your tracks


Okay, the safest way to return the truck is to go about 30 kph and put on the cruise control.

Aim for a large building. About a kilometer away, jump off the truck and run for home. The crash will let Pop Rivet know it's back.

How about if I just park the truck and knock on his door?

I don't know. Your way sounds kind of dangerous.

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