Freefall 0241 - 0250

Freefall 0241

How to catch a deer. Sort of


I'm hungry again.

Florence looks like she's enjoying her food. She might give you some if you ask.

I'm the captain. I don't ask. But I think I know how I can get her to offer.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


He wants some of my food. I wasn't sure before, but I am now.

Thank you for your confidence, captain. I accept.

Hold on. Did I just miss something?

Waits until I'm almost done eating, then checks with me before eating himself. You don't acknowledge an Alpha Wolf more clearly than that.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


I'm going to pack up the rest of the deer. Please bring the truck around when you're done.

Not bad. Not aged enough for a scavenger's taste, but a few days in the sun could fix that.

The only problem will be getting the right condiments. It's hard to believe, but you can't even FIND gourmet maggots in this town.

Covering your tracks


Sam, there's a man from Ecosystems Unlimited asking about the deer Florence ate.

Thanks, Helix. I'll take care of it.

Florence isn't supposed to be on this planet. If this guy's looking for her, I'll need to throw him off track. I'll probably have to deceive and lie to a lot of people before this is over.

Life is good.

Covering your tracks


Hello. You had some questions about a deer?

No longer. I've already figured this out.

See these tracks? Toes only. And here? A hand print. There's only one thing that moves on its toes and can leave a hand print.

You mean…?

Exactly. This deer was killed by a ballerina!

В отличие от человека, Флоренс – пальцеходящая, подобно всем волкам. Ня! (KALDYH)

Covering your tracks


A ballerina killed the deer. Of course! It's obvious now.

Yes. Poor thing was probably abandoned by a dance company and went feral in order to survive.

Feral ballerinas can be very dangerous. A pack of them can strip an arts endowment to the bone in seconds!

Are you going to capture it?

We'll try. Unless it's a Prima Donna. Those get along so poorly with others it's more merciful just to shoot them.

Covering your tracks


I'm off to file my report. Thanks for your help.

You're welcome.

That was simple. All I had to do to deceive him was agree with him.

I hope the next person I lie to is more suspicious. If everyone is this easy, I'm going to lose my edge.

Covering your tracks


Hi, Sam. I've got the deer cut up and packed away. Do you mind if I take a few minutes to clean up?

Sure. No Problem.

Thanks. I'll be right back.

When someone who's covered with blood and carrying a knife asks me politely, I'll usually say “Yes”.

Covering your tracks


Wow. There's a lot of meat on a deer.

I'm surprised Florence was able to cut it up without Helix complaining.

I guess it helps knowing what you need to bag first.

Covering your tracks


That was fun! I've never been on a date before.

What makes you think you were on a date?

From observing you.

When you go out, what's the first thing a woman wants to do?

Put a bag over my head. Hmm. Maybe you were on a date.

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