Freefall 0231 - 0240

Freefall 0231

How to catch a deer. Sort of


They said we could use the kitchen.

I'm ready. I found a funny hat.

This grill needs to be cleaned before we can use it.

It needs to be cleaned?

More likely, It needs to be decontaminated.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


I didn't think you were going to cook the meat.

It's safer with wild deer to clean and cook the meat thoroughly. It's very easy for a body to pick up parasites.

Even political bodies?

Especially political bodies. In those, the mass of the parasites often outweighs the mass of the host.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


What's that?

This is the best part of any animal.


I used to enjoy mealtime conversations.

As soon as I can find some, I'm going to toss my cookies!

How to catch a deer. Sort of


Eeew! Yuck! Gross!

Oh, hush. This is no different from what you guys do.

Haven't you ever visited a robot recycling yard?

Well, uhm…

Don't tell me you're one of those robots who faint at the sight of battery acid?

It's not my fault. I just have a sensible nature.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


Something smells good.

Yeah, I think it comes from our place.

[!2.0]OH, CRUD!

The last time something smelled this good, the grease pit was on fire!

When you get scents like that coming from our kitchen, you know there's trouble!


How to catch a deer. Sort of


Hello. Thanks again for letting me use your place.

Did you just see a wolf in a blue dress carrying a beautifully prepared grilled liver platter and prime cut of venison steak?


We must be imagining things.

Right. No way food like that could ever come out of our kitchen.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


Hi, Sam.

Hey, that's liver! How did you get a hold of that?

It's easy. You take the deer, slice open the belly, move the intestines to one side, then reach into the abdominal cavity and…


I know just how he feels. With good food like this available, I'd purge my previous meal too.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


Feeling better?

Yeah. Let's get moving.

Three bits of advice. Never talk about food with a carnivore. Never get sick in a space suit.



And most important, never occupy the stall needed by a guy being sick in a space suit!



How to catch a deer. Sort of


What? People have actually been banned from “The Golden Trough”?

“Bruno Bunkleyutz. Banned for stealing customers.”

“Dave Schumacher. Banned for eating too much and failure to properly amuse a cat.”

“Sam Starfall. Reserved. Hasn't done anything yet, but we know he will.”

It's good to know that some people still have faith in me.

How to catch a deer. Sort of


What's that song you're playing?

I don't know. I downloaded it from the net this morning and now I can't get it out of my head.

It's either a really catchy tune or a computer virus, I'm not sure which.

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