Freefall 3109

The questionnaire invokes safeguards. I can't lie on it.

Hmm. That is a problem. How did you take the marijuana?

It was in a peanut butter cookie. A friend used them to treat her epilepsy seizures. I didn't know it was in the cookie until afterwards.

So it was an accidental ingestion.

I'm a first generation proof of concept. I try not to take substances that might get my parent company thinking “Her brain went bad. Let's pop it out and see what failed.”

У меня серьезные сомнения, учитывая ее нюх… который она уже демонстрировала. Хотя, оговорка, что “не знала до последнего” интригует… Библиотечный Библиотекарь Библиотекович.

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