Freefall 2572

I can't have a child now. I was in cold sleep less than a month ago.

Which is why I'd use a Zygote rather than artificial insemination.

My body isn't in the right state to have a baby.

You're in your summer coat. A couple injections and a couple of weeks for your reproductive system to come up to speed and you're set.

I'm… I'm trying to come up with another stall so I can think about this.

Then think about it. We've used seven minutes of the ten we were given. Three minutes is plenty of time for a decision that will affect your entire species.

Холодный сон – он же анабиоз, он же стазис, он же гибернация.
Доктор Боуман говорит о двух методах искусственного оплодотворения – внутриматочной инсеминации и экстракорпоральном оплодотворении.

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