Freefall 2421

Sam figures it out


You've got your fun happening here. I'm going to see how Florence is doing.

Talk to the police chief. He said something about her not showing up at the compound.

She escaped? Ha! I knew she had the potential to be a great criminal!

She's not a crim… Nuts! If I'm successful, she is going to be a criminal.

Quit hogging all the credit. You may legally make her a criminal, but I'm the one who trained her and did all the hard work.

Вообще-то о комплексе упоминал мистер Райберт на стр. Freefall 2368, и Макс Пост это слышал. Запамятовал, наверное. (KALDYH)
Если притянуть Freefall 2366, то вполне сойдет и начальник (plBots)

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