Freefall 0578

Niomi and Tangent show up to repair the water pump


Here's the explosive store. It's landed right by the White Pony Mall. You'll be able to pick up your bolts the day after tomorrow.

I need to get some shopping done as well. We can go together, if you don't mind me bringing the kids.

Thank you, and no worries. I love kids.

I hope she gets along with my daughters. It's good to know the ship's engineer, but it's even better to know someone who can baby-sit.

Белый пони – персонаж комикса Crosstime Cafe и обладатель отдельного тега здесь. Видимо, именно в этот момент Марк Стэнли впервые столкнулся с рекламной площадкой для художников-комиксистов, где Фло в короткие сроки станет одним из самых частых персонажей (Robot Spike)

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